Frank Meza Speaks: Responds to Course Cutting Claims

At the precise moment when even more evidence regarding Frank Meza's 2019 LA Marathon Result was being uncovered, Canadian Running Magazine published an article regarding the "accusations"against Frank. Meza...

Fitness Pro Sets Dangerous Example While Claiming Questionable Finish at Honolulu Marathon

Geri Berger was one of the over three hundred runners that I flagged for potential course cutting at the 2018 Honolulu Marathon. She did not qualify for Boston. But I feel that her story is worth highlighting. She makes her living...

Complete Honolulu Marathon Results File Available Through Marathon Investigation

The Honolulu Marathon has made it extremely difficult for the average person to check the results, beyond their own. In order to pull up another runner's results, you need to know their name and bib number. Originally they also required...

French Travel Agency Used ‘Bib Mules’ In Boston Qualifying Scheme

Last year, I wrote about about a Boston Qualifying Scheme at the 2014 Mte St. Michel Marathon. The former race director of the  Mt St Michel Marathon admitted that he had added the results of runners after the race. He says...

Jeff Donnelly – Serial Cheater – Showing No Signs of Stopping

Jeff and Sheri Donnelly Below is a brief history of suspicious results for Jeff and Sheri Donnelly. Jeff has run Boston in 2011, 2012, 2014 , 2015 and 2016. It is unlikely that he legitimately qualified for any of...

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