Most of the 5000 + disqualified runners appear to have jumped on the course after the start. Most believe that they did it for the medal.
  • Over 5000 Disqualified From The Mexico City Marathon

    An unprecedented number of runners have been disqualified from The Mexico City Marathon. Did they all cheat, or were some victims of timing errors? After I posted an article regarding the accusations that 1000s cheated at the Mexico City Marathon, the race released the official results. According to the...
  • Thousands Accused of Cheating at The Mexico City Marathon

    Shortly after The 2017 Mexico City Marathon, I received requests to review the results. A Facebook page popped up outing many alleged cheaters. I read comments that there were 1000’s of cheaters – runners that cut the course. I was skeptical at first.  However, when I looked at the results,...

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