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BIBSWITCH is a platform that facilitates bib-transfers between runners and race organizers. A runner that has a bib that they cannot use contacts Bibswitch and Bibswitch contacts the appropriate race director to request approval for the bib sale or transfer.

Once the race director approves a sale or transfer, Bibswitch posts the available bib on the site to help find a match between buyer and seller. Bibswitch does not allow bibs to be sold at a higher price than their original cost.


MISSION STATEMENT: BIBSWITCH is a centralized online platform that facilitates race number transfers between athletes and race directors. Our mission is to help end the existing black market by offering a progressive, win-win solution that improves the race experience for everyone involved. We are committed to bringing positive change to the running community and support the effort of Race Directors to create a better race environment for event participants.


I am very excited that is now an official supporter of I also fully support their efforts in coming up with a solution to eliminate black market bib transfers. I recommend runners go through this site instead of posting on other online classified sites (like that enable illegal bib swapping.


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