Anonymous Bandit Taunts M.I. And London Marathon

To support Marathon Investigation, you can make a contribution by clicking on the bottom of the page, or by going to or Venmo:@MarathonInvestigationEveryone's support is appreciated! On Saturday morning, I received an...

“Where’s Your Bib?” – Dozens of Bandits Pulled From Miami Turkey Trot

Frankie Ruiz is the South Florida's Chief Running Officer South for Life Time Fitness. He is also the co-creator and Race Director for The Miami Marathon. He is very active in the Miami community and is a...

“Good Samaritan” Shows up at NYC Marathon

The "Good Samaritan Bandit" showed up at The New York City Marathon. He is not hiding that fact, and obviously he enjoys the attention. He showed up on the television coverage of The NYC...

“Good Samaritan” Bandit Responds to Criticism

Last week, I wrote about the "Good Samaritan". A runner on the way to The Chicago Marathon, took matters into his own hands when an individual was asking patrons for money while flashing a handgun.

Strava Doesn’t Lie – Bandits Identified in Oakland

Part of my race review process is to look at Strava data. This process is relatively simple. You can look at a runner that participated in a race and view other results from the flyby feature.

More Evidence Uncovered on Serial Bib Forger and Her Accomplice

It was shown that Valerie has run many races with forged bibs. The article I published yesterday only showed some of the examples of this behavior.  There were more egregious instances of bib copying. The picture at the top of...

Runner’s World Article Gives Green Light To Bandits

I initially saw the article in the print version of Runner's World. It was shared with me by a couple of readers. 'The Bandit's Manifesto'. In it, they list 10 things not to do if you bandit a race along...

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