“Frank on a Bike” Evidence Can’t Be Dismissed

After multiple disqualifications, a strong statement by The LA Marathon, and a large amount of photographic evidence, Frank still has his defenders.


As Frank is finding some unwelcome attention on every platform possible, he still has his defenders. As previously reported, Frank was disqualified from The 2019 Los Angeles Marathon for cutting the course. Evidence is also mounting regarding his other results, going back many years.

The head of Aztlan Athletics, Jose Avala was quoted in a story that ran last night on Los Angeles ABC7 as saying “Until I get a more deeper understanding, I support Frank”

This statement by Jose was made even after he was disqualified, after the numerous articles on Marathon Investigation, and after The LA Marathon revealed that they have obtained CCTV footage from local retailers showing Frank cut the course. I

f all of the photos of Frank off the course during a record setting marathon is not enough to convince the most stubborn of Frank’s supporters, there is no defending the latest evidence.

Frank on a Bike

The below photo was found by a Marathon Investigation reader, and was posted on the letsrun.com message boards. The photo was taken during The 2014 San Francisco Marathon, a race that Frank ran in under three hours, winning his age group.

The only possible defense would be to cast doubt on the identity of the rider. A closer examination removes any doubt whatsoever.

  • Hat – matches
  • Watch – on his right wrist – matches
  • Shirt – After the finish, he is wearing his Aztlan singlet. On the bike he is wearing a long sleeve shirt White/Grey shirt. He has a shirt wrapped around his waist after the finish.
  • He is wearing long pants on the bike. He presumably shed the pants before the finish.

Zooming in further, and even the most skeptical of readers will be convinced:

The Nike Zoom Marathoners are a match, as are the bright yellow socks.

The bike rider is Frank. 100%. It is irrefutable. Frank rode a bike while competing in The 2014 San Francisco Marathon.There is no legitimate reason for Frank to be riding the bike in the middle of running a marathon.

The photograph was taken at The Conservatory of Flowers which is located approximately at mile 18.5. The bike photo would have been taken around 2 hours and 10 minutes after the start of the race. Frank finished in just under 3 hours.


He Rode a Bike During a Foot Race. A race that he finished first in his age group with a time of 2:59:41.

There is no more room wiggle room. No one can question the evidence. There are no excuses to explain this.

Frank had nearly perfected his craft. By LA 2019, he had figured out how to maintain nearly perfect splits, all while hopscotching from point to point. But, eventually it all came crumbling down.

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  1. Great analysis Derek, the “explanations” are going to have to involve time travel or similar with this one I think.

  2. It makes me sad that he used his presumably expansive intellect to game the system. If he used that considerable energy to actually, you know, train, I wonder if he would have been able to legit break records. I guess we’ll never know.

  3. It is tragic that the relentless pursuit of this story is likely responsible for the suicide of Dr. Frank Meza today. He was beloved by his family, patients, and the many boys that he coached. Sadly, his legacy and contributions will be overshadowed by this reporting. Please allow those who loved his to have some peace as they mourn privately.
    Thank you for respecting our loss.

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