Bib Muling, and Course Cutting: Boston Entrant Has Two Bogus Qualifying Times

Boston street signs , Boylston and Dartmouth with Boylston being the finish of the Boston Marathon

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In February of 2019, S. Cho recorded a finish time of 3:27:09 at The Hyannis Marathon. His time was 5 minutes under the time needed to gain acceptance into The 2020 Boston Marathon.

Cho also had a Boston Qualifying time of 3:28:14 at The 2019 B&A Trail Marathon in March of 2019 – A time that, at age 58, also earned him 3rd place in his age group.

Prior to these two Boston Qualifiers, his most recent Marathon was The 2016 Long Island Marathon, where he ran a time of 4:28:43.

2019 Hyannis Marathon

There were plenty of photos of Cho (or, more accurately, photos of the runner wearing Cho’s bib) near the finish of The 2019 Hyannis Marathon. Comparing the Hyannis photos to the photos taken of Cho at The B&A Marathon, it is clear that these are two different runners. It is clear that the Hyannis runner was not Cho.

If he was capable of running under 3:20, as his time at The B&A Trail Marathon indicates, why rely on a bib mule? Because his split times at B&A indicate that this race was not legitimate either.

Cho finished the first half of The B&A Trail Marathon in a time of 2:12:36, meaning he ran the 2nd half in under 1:20:00, which would have been faster than any runner in the field.

Below are photos of Cho being passed by another runner at mile 24.2.
Runner #1246 finished over 20 minutes ahead of Cho, meaning Cho covered the last 2 miles of the course in over 30 minutes. Not possible during a 1:20:00 half marathon split.

Boston Marathon

Cho is on the entry list for The 2020 Boston Marathon. I have reached out to The Hyannis Marathon and The B&A Trail Marathon regarding his reults. By the time this is published, I will also contact The BAA with the information.

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