Mo’ Cowbell Marathon 6th Place Finisher Facing Likely Disqualification For Course Cutting


James Brady finished 6th in The Mo’ Cowbell Marathon this past Sunday with a time of 3:03:12.










He finished the half Marathon in a time of 1:49:11 – an 8:20 minute per mile pace.

He finished The Marathon in a time of 3:03:12 – a 7:00 minute per mile total pace.

If you are to believe this result, you would have to believe that he ran the 2nd half of the marathon at a 05:39 minute per mile pace, and that he ran a and that he ran a 34 minute negative split.

This wasn’t just a case of a runner tiring, and giving up. He is claiming that his time is legitimate.












The photo from the tunnel was posted at 9:29 am.  According to a runner that I’ve been in contact with, this tunnel is after the halfway point. The photo was taken 2 hours into the race, shortly after he crossed the halfway mat – the last mat he hit until just before the end. It is not usual to see a runner increase from an 8:20 minute/mile pace to a 5:39 minute/mile pace and stop to take a selfie and post it to Facebook mid effort.

Thankfully, the race reacted quickly and adjusted his placement while they presumably reviewed his results.

Currently, they removed the placement all together, not even crediting him with the 999,999th place finish.

James did have an apparently legitimate 3:27:43 finish at The Austin Marathon earlier in 2018. It is unknown if he was motivated by a Boston entry, but it appears unlikely that he will get there through his efforts at Mo’ Cowbell.

Thanks to all readers that send me tips and information. Please, if you witness cheating, contact race officials, as well as Marathon Investigation if you wish. Being vigilant, and not looking the other way when you witness or suspect cheating has a positive impact on the running community. It helps provide the proper recognition to the runners that work so hard for their legitimate results.

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  1. I finished the race at 3:03:09 and there was nobody even close to me. If he ran a 3:03:12 he should have been in my back pocket. His time is BS.

  2. Here’s a tip for you. This article is inaccurate and slanderous. He paid for and intended to run the full marathon but was injured on/about the 18th mile. He turned around and notified the finish line officials. He was awarded a HALF MARATHON medal. Since this inaccurate article was published, he has been ridiculed by the running community. Shame!

    • Lynette, I have been in communication with timing officials. They do not agree with this account of events. The data does not agree either. His Facebook comments stating that he did it with his total time are inconsistent with someone that DNFs. His family member’s post on Facebook that evening that his time qualified him for Boston are not consistent with your version of the facts. Now I am in the position of having to defend my article and my intergrity against claims of slander.

    • So why would he make a post claiming 3:04 if he got injured and didn’t finish it?

      Also, it’s only slander if it’s not true.

    • Lynette – Soooo, if he was injured at mile 18 how did he finish with 18 miles on his GPS watch? It’s not slander nor libel, because not only is Derek correct in his investigation, the timing company also agrees after doing their own investigation. If he was “awarded” the half marathon result, why was he DQ’d and removed from the results? He cheated, that is why he is DQ’d. It’s hard to admit a loved one is in the wrong, but the evidence is black and white. This is not the first cheater that Derek or timers have caught. This isn’t their first rodeo and it would be best for your husband to fess up and you realize he cheater is lying to you.

  3. Are you mad bro. Lynette your right this is a whole bunch of balogna. Derke is mad cause he cant run a maratho and wants to make people seem like cheaters cause back in 2012 his wife cheated on him with his daddy. Im sorry derek but you need some conseling to help you get oflver your self. Have a nice day everybody.

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