2018 Chicago Marathon – Bib Mule Disqualified

Runner also ran The 2017 Chicago Marathon using a purchased bib


In 2017, Ivan ran The Chicago Marathon, but he was not in the results. He ran with an illegally transferred bib.

Ivan finished the 2017 race (credited to another runner) in a time of 5:27:40.

For the 2018 Marathon, Ivan improved the time significantly.

Looking at the photos, it is clear that another runner was running for Ivan:

This was reported to The Chicago Marathon, and Ivan has been removed from the results. If anyone recognizes the ‘mule’ please message me privately, or report directly to The Chicago Marathon.

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  1. You’ve saved a life. Because when Ivan would have used his BQ to be seated in Wave 1-Corral 4, he would have been run over! 😉

  2. What is interesting is that Ivan appears to be shaped like a 6+ hour finisher but the bib mule (unless it is a highly unflattering photo due to to clothes and the angle of the shot) looks like a 3:45 finisher.

  3. What raised my suspicions was in examining the shadow of the sun in each photo there is a discrepancy of 6° from the meridian on the second. I also discovered – using an MRI scanner – that there were differences in the polyester/elastene mix (90/10: 88/12) between the running shirts of each.

    Oh yes, also 1 is a fat black guy whilst the other is a slim white guy.

  4. So if “Ivan” ran on someone’s bib in 2017 and someone else ran on “Ivan”‘s bib in 2018, you clearly must have some background info that distinguishes the first from the second, besides that one was a BQ and the other was a mid-to-back of the pack result?

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