“Twin Gate” – Runner Disqualified From Chicagoland Marathon


Earlier this week, I received word from the timer that Holly was officially removed from the results of The 2018 Chicagoland Marathon.

Publicly, Holly was quiet after the initial articles. Her sister, Heather, who ran and entered Boston under Holly’s name was defiant.

Heather tried to claim that Holly indeed ran her own Boston Qualifying time at Chicago, despite posts on Facebook and Instagram where Holly, Heather, and their mother all indicated that Heather ran the race. “Those social media posts, have been altered by someone” claimed Heather.

Chicagoland apparently saw through the hacking claims. They did not believe that 4 different social media accounts were hacked for the sole purpose of framing Heather for being Holly’s bib mule.

Holly’s entry will certainly be pulled by The BAA. There is one more question, however, what about Heather?

Heather’s Boston Entry

Heather qualified and entered The 2019 Boston Marathon with her time at The 2017 St. Jude Marathon. She improved her time at The 2018 Chicago Marathon.

It was shown that she ran a Boston qualifying time for Holly, and that she was aware of the plans to use that time for Boston. It seems like she WAS the driving force in using the time to get Holly into Boston. She attempted to cover up and lie about her participation in the race.

Of course Heather’s Garmin was used. Because Heather ran the race!

As mentioned in my original article, Heather was initially on my radar in my very first look at The Boston Marathon. I discovered that she had sold her bib for The 2015 Boston Marathon.  The runner pictured ran significantly slower than Heather’s qualifying time, so the result was flagged for my review.

I notified The BAA of this leading up to The 2017 Boston Marathon. They allowed Heather to run. She did run with her bib in 2017.

I strongly suspect that Heather will also be removed from The 2018 Boston Marathon based on her history and her deception. I also believe a lifetime ban from The Boston Marathon would be appropriate.


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  1. A sportswriter long ago wrote: When at last the Great Scorer comes to mark against your name, it matters not if you .
    won or lost, but how you played the game.
    That applies to politicians as well as people who play sports.

  2. Apparently her FB page has a couple of posts she posted about being “bullied” (term thats way over-used and used in the wrong context, especially in this case) and about the “haters”. Guess it sucks when you can’t get away with cheating and then lying about it.

  3. What else we need to do for them to be remove from Boston 2019 entry list?
    Email BAA?
    Let’s do it, they are taking a spot from someone that really qualify after training and racing without cheating.

    • At a minimum Holly will be removed. I suspect Heather will be removed as well. Sometimes The BAA moves at their own pace. But I emailed BAA and I know Chicagoland emailed them as well.

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