Johnny Manziel’s Wife and Playboy Model Friend Disqualified From Diva Half Marathon


Bre Tiesi-Manziel and Khloe Terae (Chloe Thompson) claimed that they completed their Half Marathon debuts in under 2 hours each. Bre is the wife of former Heisman Trophy Winner and pro football bust Johnny Manziel. She is also a model and the creator of Body By Bre 12 week Transformation.

Khloe is a model and has appeared in Playboy, Maxim and Sports Illustrated.

As first posted on letsrun, A quick look at their splits shows that all is not as it seems.

Both runners had identical split times. Doing the math, it is clear that they both cut the course.

After running the first 6.4 miles in over 1:30:00 at a 14:22 minute per mile pace, they finished the remaining 6.8 miles in 0:26:53 – a 4 minute per mile pace.

Showing off her running 4:00 minute per mile form.

“I see it, I see the finish line”

Cheating for Likes

This was not cheating for a qualifying time, but is a textbook example of cheating for likes. Khloe has over 2 million followers on Instagram, Bre has over 363,000 followers. Their posts have thousands of likes.

I’ve come across dozens of cases of cheating where the only motivation seems to be to post for likes on social media or to brag to friends. This seems to be a popular motivation whether someone is trying to build an online brand or just impress their friends.

Hopefully by spreading this story, someone will see that when you lie about your accomplishments on public platforms, it will not go unnoticed.

My First half marathon with no prep in exactly 2 hours

Not only did Bre cut about 5 miles off of her half marathon, but she posted to her thousands of followers that she did so unprepared. This is disingenuous and irresponsible.

Edit: She tweeted, and since has deleted this. Because a photo of a mile marker without context is proof she ran nearly 7 miles in under 30 minutes. The course was modified due to weather. I am working to get an up to date map of the route. Mile marker photo or not, she did not run a 4 minute pace for 5 steps or 5 miles.

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  1. This isn’t really a surprise coming from somebody who would marry a mess like Johnny Football. Now he’s even been cut from the entire Canadian Football League.

  2. That 6.8mi (10.9km) in 26:53 would be faster than the current men’s 10km WR (26:17). Which is an impressive feat in a Half.

  3. Arguably, she’s sending a dangerous message to her followers; that anyone can run a half marathon and no one needs to train for it. Anyway, you noted the DQ in the title of this article, but no details on that?

  4. Reading this site should be a requirement for anyone studying psychology or has even a passing interest in what motivates individuals – including ourselves(!?)

    In these cases….hubris?….I am loath to think it is even worse – the knowledge that many of their followers would applaud how ‘smart’ these folk are in cheating….sorry….’beating the system’…. because that is what they do/would do when given the chance?
    Now we shall get…..denial? Justification? “I’m dyslexic/haters online/my husband is Canadian..” so this cheating spawns another 2weeks of inane/self-serving/trite posts….and likes….
    Keep up the good work, Derek.

    • I’m wanting to read some studies on the motivator in this case, which ultimately is just Instagram likes, from people they likely don’t even know. When you take away the fact that she appears to not care much about running itself (given her ignorance about what a half marathon is and how timing chips work) and that she likely doesn’t realize how much even goes to charity if anything from her participation, the only redeeming part of the experience for her would be the likes, on one single post, no less. And that’s just incomprehensible to me…

  5. Bib displayed on back – instant DQ – and no I am not joking, hiding/covering/placing the bib where it cannot be seen in the intended way are all behaviours strongly associated with cheating

  6. What would have been so bad about finishing in their more realistic 3-hour time? Was the course going to close and thus all of their “motivational” status update photo breaks would have been for naught? Was this pure vanity for these models that “less beautiful” people were leaving their perfect little selves in the dust?

    • I think they were just lazy and didn’t want to run the whole thing because they got bored/tired.

  7. Donated. I’ve been wanting to for the last month of posts, but this one got me in the feels. I’m actually outraged. I sort of understand cheaters who do it when the stakes are high (qualifying time of some sort) but I truly do NOT understand why people cheat for likes and belittle the achievement and work that others who run legitimately put in. More articles like this one about social media fakers please

  8. I see the bit in the last screen capture (left of the MILE !! marker) about a knee injury. (roll-eyes)

    • Yes, but Southern California has gotten a lot of rain, more than usual, so some of the roads and other areas have been damaged due to that so modifications to avoid some of that might have had to be made.

    • The course in previous years went out to rolling hills and dirt fire roads. The area had been FLOODED the two weeks prior and likely the course was 99% lakes and puddles rather than roads, so it was converted to a two-loop course.

      Derek, I can’t provide you a course map, but I can send you my Garmin data from the day!

  9. Khloe apparently uses a ‘metal umlaut’ on the e of her name. W.. is that about? (Since I speak some German I can only suggest that pronouncing Khloe that way would be absurd)

    • German doesn’t use umlauts over the letter E, only A, O and U. That’s a diaeresis, which some languages use to indicate that letter is to be pronounced separately from the one before it (so klo-ee instead of just klo). She’s absurd for a lot of other reasons, though.

    • Why do people think that having strange, made up names is big or clever? if one of these people was called say “Mary Jones” I would be taking them much more seriously

      • I had a friend in college (decades ago) named Jim Smith. I have no hope of locating him now, because the name is too common.

  10. I’m all for inclusion in our sport, but I draw the line who will not treat our sport with respect. I kind of miss the days when races were created by runners for runners.

  11. Here we go again. I couldn’t have been cheating cause “We were cheering on other woman while we were hurting ourselves” When she says she doesn’t do cardio I believe her though because clearly she has no concept of how road races and chips work. (No one was waiting to ‘check us in” at each station? ? ?) I really hope that no one wanting to run a half or a 10K or even their local community 5K is taking racing and training advice from her. I wonder about her general qualifications as a coach as she describes her training as being ‘intervals’ for a half marathon though I think the meant run-walk which would explain the 14mm pace.

  12. The 11-mile picture reminds me of when Johnny Manziel posted an old picture of himself with his dog to make it look like he was in Avon, OH the night before a game. Turns out he was really partying in Las Vegas wearing a wig, glasses, and mustache and going by “Billy”. Wonder when the 11-mile picture was taken??? These two truly were made for each other!

    • I read elsewhere that the course was changed to a double loop, so the 6.4 mile gate was the same as the 11 mile gate.

  13. As a personal trainer who runs over 50 races a year which can all be seen on Athlinks or on the websites, some good age group winning races and some horrible races where I had to walk, I am always just happy to finish. I am just so amazed at how many fitness people try to cheat!! I take pride in my work and thank you for getting these types notices as cheaters!!

  14. Is it possible that the mat missed her 6.4 mile time? Angela Jaurequi has the same suspicious looking issue, 14:17 minute split at 6.4 and missing 11 mile time. I’m not trying to say that is what happened, just asking if itis a possibility.

  15. So Chloe can run 6.7 miles at a 3:57 pace, and the world record for a women’s mile is 4:12.57.

    So she can go 15.5 seconds faster per mile than world record pace, for almost 7 miles, without training.


  16. I’m waiting for real proof that this is actually cheating. It’s not a real cheating scandal unless one of the cheaters brags about overcoming tremendous physical pain and suffering – “I’m so proud for finishing the race in world-record time despite my broke my Achilles tendon tear and broken ankle”.

    • You need to go back and read the stuff Derek posted from her IG page in his first edit to the story. “I have an awful knee injury and I’m so proud of us for finishing.” These are such amazing women. We are not worthy to be near them, and certainly should not be questioning their amazing accomplishments.

    • Take a closer look at the screen capture text, there’s something about an “awful knee injury”

  17. This is a classic case of two ignorant insta-famous young women who, while well intended, did not run a half marathon. It is clear that due to lack of running experience, improper training, and making a wrong turn, these two ladies falsely believe they ran the entire course. Clearly they did not run the second loop and I’m sure they felt accomplished for actually completing a 7 mile-ish run/walk endeavor. Nonetheless, their accomplishment was not a full half marathon. Based on actual pace time for their completed miles, the endeavor (13.1 miles) would have been completed in no less than 3 hours. Are they cheats??? I’d say moreso ignorant. It is clear they had their phones in hand since they were posting on their Insta Stories. Thus a quick glance of their phone Health App for 2/16/19 would clearly resolve conundrum of distance traveled for them.

    • I tend to agree with you. I don’t think “cheating” was ever the intent, but it’s blatantly apparent that both of them are absolutely CLUELESS as to road race protocol, procedures, and implementation. They obviously have never participated in a real race before, even a 5K. Just the comment that “no one was checking us in” at mile markers or aid stations, and the excuse of getting there late and going right to the front (how’d they get their bibs, then?)… wow! I wish them well if they want to run more, but, PLEASE, educate yourselves first.

      • I think claiming to finish, when you haven’t, is cheating, and that is the intent. They may not be trying to cheat to win, but this is still cheating.

  18. To be fair, the only “former Heisman Trophy Winner” is Reggie Bush, who forfeited his as investigations uncovered some NCAA violations which would have made him ineligible to play the year he won [2005]

    Even OJ still has his, and is considered a “Heisman Trophy Winner”

    • We refer to Obama as past President since he’s not the current President. Thus, anyone who earned the title and has since been replaced by the next year’s winner, is considered “former”. Former Miss America is not indicative of having been decrowned, but rather joining the other previous recipients. Perhaps to reduce confusion they would have added the year of the person’s award.

  19. You should add the course map to the post, there is a clear spot where they cut the course. Thank you for what you do – I read this on LetsRun and jumped over to MarathonInvestigation to see what else I would find 🙂

  20. If she cheats there, what else does she cheat on? Lets start with her IG “followers”:

    Numbers taken from

    Estimated Real Followers: 51.5%

    Estimated Real Followers: 61.9%

  21. love your podcast, enjoying the site. too many people disrespect all the hard work real runners are putting into their training when they cheat. I’ve personally had 3 (confirmed) times cheaters took age group (once an overall) win and had to deal with trying to politely tell the RD that there was a major issue. thankfully my issues were resolved. Just glad this site is here to hopefully discourage would-be cheaters. This woman’s ignorance is ridiculous. If you can do math, you can see she cheated.

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