Bib Mule Gains Boston Entry for Vienna City Marathon Runner

Look at runners of the Vienna city marathon 2008

Suad Suljic has an official time of 2:44:40 at The 2019 Vienna City Marathon. His time in Vienna would be a Personal Record by over 1-1/2 hours.

He used his time in Vienna City to enter The 2020 Boston Marathon.

It seems that Suad may have a goal to run the World Marathon Majors. He has recently run The Chicago Marathon, The New York City Marathon, and The Berlin Marathon. If he were to run Boston, he would only need to complete The Tokyo Marathon, and London Marathons to earn his Six Star Medal.

Oct 13 2019Chicago Marathon4:09:40
April 7 2019Vienna City Marathon2:44:40
November 4 2018New York City Marathon4:55:32
September 24 2017Berlin Marathon4:20:19

The Vienna Marathon is a clear outlier. Looking at the photos, it is clear that the Vienna City runner marathon is a different runner. The Vienna City runner was a bib mule.

Photographic Evidence

2019 Vienna City Marathon – Boston Qualifier

It is quite clear that the Vienna City Marathon runner is not the same runner from Chicago, New York City or the other marathons. Whether the Vienna City Marathoner thought he was just buying a bib or knowingly acted as a mule is unknown.

I will be in contact with The Vienna City Marathon and The B.A.A. I anticipate that the runner’s Boston Marathon entry will be rescinded.

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      • Well according to the page I posted he was born in bosnia, never know where he would register from. I just thought it was interesting that a college athlete had the same name and has a much closer appearance than the older guy.

        With that said I have looked at the pictures more and agree it’s not him, also the name registered for boston is listed as 38 which matches the Vienna and chicago results.

        Carry on and nice work as always!

  1. Thanks for getting another one; I hope you get him bounced from Boston.

    Every guy you catch, helps the rest of us with getting into Boston.

  2. All for a metal? What is in his mental?
    Cheaters ought to be banned to compete for life because cheating is a recurring mental illness.

  3. He was a member of the boston buddies facebook page as well, when i pointed it out to them they called me a liar, when I provided screen shots showing he was they banned me from the group, seems like a strange response from a group that would want to protect the sanctity of the race.

    He has also changed his last name in facebook as well, won’t make any difference on his attempts to 6 star though, not as easy a name change.

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