Father/Daughter marathon runners Disney/Marine Corps Marathon/Boston


Chelsea and Steven Kuzma are daughter/father. They have run multiple marathons together. They have been disqualified from 2015 Disney marathon.

2013 and 2014 Disney marathons appear to be legitimate times. They have been DQ’d from 2015 Disney.

Disney Chelsea and Steven
2015 Disney Marathon 3:31:21 Both have been DQ’d/
2014 Disney Marathon 4:13:16/4:13:17 (No Missed Mats)
2013 Disney Marathon 4:02:11/4:03:12 )Steven hit all mats/Chelsea missed 1/2 mat)

2012 Disney Marathon
Chelsea: 3:37:15 BQ
Steven: 3:37:09 BQ
-Have not been able to find splits for these. If anyone can locate a link with split, leave a message

The Disney time that resulted in DQ would be a 24 minute PR for Steven (based on verifiable results) and would be in line with Chelsea’s 2011 MCM time (below).

Marine Corps Marathon

2014 Marine Corps Marathon 3:44:53 Missed 30k mat
2013 Marine Corps Marathon 3:52:05 Missed 30k mat
2012 Marine Corps Marathon 3:51:00 Missed 30k mat
2011 Marine Corps Marathon 3:29:10 Hit all timing mats – BQ

2014 Marine Corps Marathon 3:44:53 Missed 30k mat
2013 Marine Corps Marathon 3:52:04 Missed 30k mat
2012 Marine Corps Marathon 3:51:00 Missed 30k mat
2011 Marine Corps Marathon 3:55:26 Hit all timing mats

From 2012 through 2014, they ran together and each missed the 30k mat. It looks like the 2011 results are clean. Both hit all the timing mats. For Chelsea the results that are in question are slower than what seem to be valid times, and for Steven the results are comparable.

Looking at the map, there would be an opportunity to cut off as many as 4 miles missing the 30k mat. That would be the amount that could be cut off if they turned around right after the 25k mat. It’s also possible to cut off two miles, cutting the loop off from approximately mile 17. I am not saying that is what happened here. It would appear from the map that there is an opportunity. If anyone has insight on how easy this would be to accomplish, please reply.

Boston Marathon – Steven and Chelsea

2014 Boston Marathon 3:45:24

  • 5k – 26:52
  • 10k – 53:34
  • 15k – 1:22:25
  • 20k – missed
  • 1/2 – missed
  • 25k – missed
  • 30k – missed
  • 35k – missed
  • 40k – missed
This blog was set up to put all information on questionable marathon results in one place and to allow readers to contribute by bringing new cases to my attention or supplying information on articles I post to help further the case, or explain the results.

There are a lot of races here. I still need to look through photos and some other information. The intent with everything that is laid out above is to put the basic facts out there to help further the investigation.

Next steps/comments
  • Collect any more data to either make a case for MCM disqualification, or explain 2 consecutive years of missed mats. 
  • Any reason to question results with no missed mats? The reason I ask, is that the times that I am questioning. are not terribly out of line with the ‘confirmed’ results-especially for Chelsea.
  • I’ve intentionally left out commentary until I put the facts out there – to see what else others may have to add.


MCM map
2013 Boston results
Disney Marathon Results
Marine Corps Marathon Results


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