Vermont City Marathon 2013 and 2015 – 3 girls – 1 bib.


I found these results when looking at splits for the 2015 Vermont City marathon.

Same guy:
2015 Vermont City Marathon M/57 Bib # 1569 missed all splits 3:50:23
2013 Vermont City Marathon M/55 Bib # 1664 missed all splits 3:47:42
2001 Vermont City Marathon M/43 5:34:29

2015 photos

2013 photos 

For 2015 – It appears 3 different females ran with the same bib with the personalized name “House”. Apparently only the last one ran with a chip. Maybe he bailed on the race and gave his bib/chip away and these females ran it relay style.

For 2013 – I’m fairly sure the guy in the one picture is not 55 years old. Again only showed up with a finish time.

No BQ either year. Missed all the intermediate mats both years.

I won’t guess at the motivation here. Could just be that the guy signed up and gave the bib away each year and these people ran it relay style each year–and in 2013 they didn’t bother passing the bibs.

I will email the RD/timing company to hopefully remove his results.


  1. Nice catch! I'm the guy who proofs VCM results. As you would guess, we mostly focus on the top finishers, obvious course cuts, and BQ's, so something like this would be under our radar. We're in the process of a full investigation and will post our conclusions here if you wish (as long as my boss gives the ok). Please feel free to drop me a line at the RunVermont office.

    Joe Connelly

  2. I'm interested in your topic, but this blog confuses me. Maybe because I have only run in 5K races and this blog was linked via Reddit. How do you know the guy in the 2013 photos is related to the 3 women in the 2015 photos? And how do you know he is related to the 2001 finisher you listed? Couldn't it just be the same name? Also, I think if you tweaked your information a bit, it would be easier for more people to understand. Average Joes like me that aren't in the field of race analysis. Just a suggestion.

  3. Hi Melanie – The guy in the 2013 photos is only related to the 3 women in the 2015 photos because all 4 of them ran under a bib registered to a different person – and in both 2013 and 2015 it appears to be the same different person. We're in the process of investigating what is going on and I hope to publish the info soon.

    Joe Connelly
    RunVermont Technical Coordinator

  4. Hi Melanie–Joe explained the relationship of the 4 runners better than I could–so see his response below.

    As far as the 2001 race goes, yes I was making a logical assumption that it is the same guy. That particular name only shows up in 3 marathons – and it is the same marathon, with the ages matching up. I think I can say with over 99% accuracy that it is the same guy that signed up.

    Admittedly I did throw this article up rather quickly because there really is no questioning that this gentleman didn't run the race–so I wasn't as structured with this post as I have been in laying out evidence in some of the prior posts.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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