This blog is meant to be a clearinghouse for information regarding suspected marathon cheats. Comment on the link at the top of the blog if you have identified a potential cheater.

The purpose is to investigate alleged marathon cheaters and to provide a central site to place evidence with the goal of DQ’ing any cheats as well as deterring future attempts. It will also be convenient to direct RD’s here if there is enough evidence against a runner to ask them to investigate/Disqualify.

The purpose is not to call out anyone that misses a mat. If anyone is investigated that is vindicated- or that we just can’t reach a conclusion on, any accusations will be removed immediately.
There is a link on top of the blogto post any questionable results and present evidence. You can also email me and I will post the information myself.  The email is at the bottom of the blog. 

You can also follow me on twitter @marathoncheat,