Course Cutting Doctor Disqualified From USA Fit Marathon – No Longer has a Boston Qualifying Time for 2017


Last week I wrote about Dr. Leonard Raphael. He has had multiple marathons where he registered Boston Qualifying times, and in every case where splits are published, he missed mats. He also has been disqualified from the 2014 and 2015 Austin Marathons.

Doctor Has a History of Disqualifications and Missed Mats on Boston Qualifying Runs

I received this email from USA Fit marathon this morning.

Good Morning,
We have disqualified Leonard Raphael’s race result from the 2016 USA Fit Marathon.  The BAA was notified, and acknowledged the DQ yesterday.

Thanks again to those that report those that cheat to obtain BQ times. We won’t catch all of them before Boston, but hopefully we are making an impact both by helping to identify and disqualify cheaters, and by serving as a deterrent to potential future cheaters.



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