Marathon Cheating Couple Disqualified from Surfer’s Point Marathon – Will be Removed From the 2017 Boston Marathon Entry List


Yesterday I updated an article about Jeffrey and Sheri Donnelly. They have cheated at multiple marathons in order to qualify for Boston in the past. They had a qualifying time at the 2015 Surfer’s Point Marathon which they used to gain entry into the 2017 Boston marathon.

After re-posting the above article I emailed The Boston Athletic Association and the Surfer’s Point Marathon Race Director. Both quickly responded to advise that they were investigating these runners.
I am pleased to report that I received an email late last night from Surfer’s Point that after a thorough examination of the course photos, that they are disqualifying Jeffrey and Sheri. They have notified B.A.A. of their decision. This disqualification will result in the cancellation of their 2017 Boston Marathon Entries.
There have been other cases that I have not written on where I have reported runners to the qualifying marathons and B.A.A. 
I will continue to review both 2016 Boston results and qualifying races for Boston ’17 to try to get any other runner’s removed from entry that have cheated at Boston in the past or cheated to gain entry for the 2017 Boston Marathon.


  1. This is fantastic, Derek! It's especially noteworthy that the Surfer's Pt. marathon director made the decision based on PHOTO ANALYSIS, which is exactly what should have gotten Rossi DQed at Via. Unfortunately, Via is organized by 2 morons.

  2. This is fantastic news. Thank you for your excellent analysis of these sad people who can't make the sacrifices everyone has to make to get the performances they want. Terrible models for our society and hope they do not have children!

  3. It's a wonderful and noble service you are doing! For each cheat you manage to get off the 2017 list and in the future, you make room for a legitimate runner to enter Boston. It will be a life changing experience for many, amazing work!

  4. Good work. Now two more honest runners will get to go to Boston instead of being cheated by these douche-nozells.

  5. Yes, please open a link so we can contribute. You could use the $ to have developed software to help you do your work. Your site is bookmarked and I check every other day.

  6. Thanks for doing this – I contributed a bit to help out, and it's totally worth it to get a real runner into Boston.

    Also, this is probably small of me: I chuckle when I think that these two not only aren't getting into Boston, but that since they were caught AFTER they submitted their entry, they've lost their entry fee. (If they're anything like the New York City Marathon, that is.) Heh.

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