After 12 years of Suspicious Results, Greg Pafford claims Legacy Award from RNR Marathon


Dr. Pafford was awarded the Legacy Award for completing 15 straight Arizona Rock N Roll marathons. In 2004 ,Dr. Pafford ran in the first Arizona Rock N Roll marathon, and just finished his 15th year.





The above statement appears on Dr Pafford’s Facebook page. He is using this as a promotional tool even after the evidence detailing the questionable results being publicized.

Despite the evidence that shows, in my opinion, that Dr. Pafford  cut the course for at least 12 consecutive years, Greg remains in the results. The only evidence I see of the Legacy award is on Greg’s page itself.

After these results were reported,

Dr. Pafford was originally disqualified from the 2017 marathon. However he was reinstated:

According to a RNR representative:

“After receiving inquiries about that runner last year, our timing company followed up and received sufficient documentation to reinstate the official time”.

It should be noted that his original time was 3:08:31, he now shows as having a time of 5:00:00. They did not reinstate his official time, they awarded him with a fabricated time.

For 2018, he dropped to the half marathon, after originally being registered for the full.


It is troubling that a race series that qualifies many runners for The Boston Marathon allows results like this to stand. It’s one thing to be ignorant or unaware of suspected cheating. But to be aware and do nothing is inexcusable. It is even worse to reinstate a runner that clearly did not run the time for which they were originally credited.

Unfortunately when an organization allows results such as Dr. Pafford’s to stand, it unfairly puts a shadow on the hundreds or thousands of runners that legitimately earned their times.

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  1. Sad thing is, if he just devoted himself to actually training for the last 15 years, he would easily be capable of running those times.

    • Ummmm, No. VERY few people can run a 3:08 marathon, regardless of how many years you’ve trained.

  2. I found a video of his from 2013… he looked (minus the black hair dye) and sounded like he was very well in his mid-late 60s. Would seem rather MIRACULOUS to go from a 3:46 marathon in 2006 to a 3:08 (11 years later and way older) in 2017.

    Also, looks like he took his dental office facebook page down.

  3. I wonder if he changed his entry and ran the half this year (for the first time ever) because he thought someone would make it their mission to follow him in the full to catch him cutting the course? I know if I lived in AZ and was anywhere near his actual pace, I would. Hate to see cheaters getting away with it, year after year. Shame on him and on RnR.

  4. For 2010, 2011, and 2013, I am calling course cutting on splits from mile 20 to 26 too. There is no way in hell this guy was hammering close to 7 minute paces. He checked in at mile 20 timing mat and cut the course to the finish. He would hard pressed to run one mile all out in 7 minutes.

  5. I actually went out to the spot where he cuts the course this year, not knowing he had moved the half. I was really hoping I could catch him cheating. I noticed he ran an turtle slow 2:37:47, which further shows he never really qualified for Boston.

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