Disqualified Triathlete Reported by “Race Buster”, Her Reaction is Shocking


Anita Carcone boasted of her finish at The San Diego International Triathlon on Facebook:

This post apparently caught the attention of someone who decided to dig into her result. She posted the details on Strava. It appeared that she cut the bike portion short. The result was reported to the Race Director and she was disqualified.

The Evidence

The evidence couldn’t be more clear. Her GPS should have read about 17.6 miles for the bike. Her initial Strava post showed 12.2 miles.

The Flyby feature on Strava puts this into clear focus. The path shows that Anita did not make the 2nd loop that the other participants did. She did not complete the full course on her bike. Click here to view The Flyby.


Had Anita admitted that she did not bike the entire course at this point, or even just kept quiet, that likely would have been the end of it. But she did the opposite:

“…I hope that place blows up in flames! F*** YOU CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!”

“…I understand all shooters of all the mass shooters of all the mass shootings now.”

It is worth noting that Anita is a teacher. I do not know if or where she is currently employed. But according to the latest information I could find she was employed as a substitute teacher as of last Spring. This type of reaction is disturbing enough on it’s own. Coming from an elementary school teacher makes it that much worse, in my opinion.


The above is just a sampling of what’s on her Facebook account. She blames Strava for the disqualification. She claims that the Race Director blindly disqualified her based on an anonymous tip. To be clear the evidence that she herself posted publicly is what led to her disqualification.

She then tried to cover up the cheating with a post on Strava on June 29th.

I clicked on the link, and it is very obvious that she modified the data.

The screenshot above shows 12.42 miles – in line with her Strava bike flyby, but the total shows 18.73 miles with the same total time of 47 minutes. It is obvious she edited the distance of her bike ride.

The speed data also provides a good visualization of her ride. YOu can tell at a glance that she did not average 22 mph for this ride.

Finally, I reached out on Facebook after she continued to blame the DQ on Strava and the RD.

All of these posts were from Tuesday July 10th. I held off on this article because she claimed that she would provide a photo of her watch face showing 18.73 miles. I was interested in what she would produce. She never provided the photo.

An Admission of Guilt? Not Quite

As I was wrapping up the article, I saw the following activity on Sunday morning (7/15).

“…they don’t like Arizonans coming to San Diego!!!”

After this bizarre theory, I once more asked her if this was an admission that she did not complete the course.

So, in one post she claimed she was misdirected. If that were so, she can’t claim the data was unedited.

She went on…in response to another poster that linked to a blog post regarding her claims.



I believe that the other blog is likely written by “Race Buster”. They reach the same obvious conclusions as I have. I want to give them credit and thank them for reporting the result to the R.D. Below is a link to the blog post:


This situation is now coming out publicly only because of Anita’s reactions and threats. After this last post, I responded that everything she posted was public. She then blocked me or made her profile private.

One last post that that shows Anita’s character: The screenshot of these messages were on Anita’s Facebook wall.


I gave every opportunity to Anita to come clean before publishing this. The initial posts have been up for 3 weeks now. She played the victim when it was obvious that she did not bike the entire course. She blames everyone for this situation except for herself.  She blames the tipster, Strava, the race director, and the State of California. Anita, you did not bike the entire course and you were caught. The evidence is clear and leaves no doubt.  It’s time to admit that. I hope you can do so and apologize to those that defended you, and those that you blame and those you lashed out against.

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  1. Wow. She is a piece of work. I can’t believe she teaches kids :O

    Fwiw: I live in California. We don’t have anything against people from Arizona coming to race and neither do race directors. Lol! That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! They have an Ironman IN Arizona so a lot of them do that one (a lot of Californians too but we don’t wish that state bad things like this athlete did to ours). It’s amazing the “theories” a cheaters mind will come up with to try to convince themselves that they didn’t cheat.

    Her life must be that sad that she needs to stoop to this.

  2. She must have just blocked you because I can see her rantings on FB. Very bizarre and disturbing indeed. I’ve seen some people respond to being exposed in pretty weird ways but this woman might be the worst so far.

  3. “The screenshot of these messages were on Anita’s Facebook wall.”

    WOW!!!! That’s some fucked-up Mike Rossi-level abuse

    And bad grammar/spelling, besides

  4. When your need for social media faux gratification and headpats overrides the common sense of if you cheat = lay low.

  5. Her profile is still public and she has pictures up of her triathlon. I cannot believe her answers. Wow.

  6. It’s the same old story:

    miraculously overcoming insurmountable odds to accomplish Herculean feats that would have killed mear mortals.

    Then during the come back, once again overcoming odds during a race.

    Facebook page replete with bragadocious exploits and self serving selfies.

    Facebook sycophants cheering her on.

    It’s the same with well these cheaters.

    On one of her Facebook posts where “she nearly” died in “her crash,” she speaks of the medics “dragging her to the curb” as she was unconscious. Yet, she heard them say “this doesn’t look good.” (Medics don’t talk that way.)

    In another post, she about the crash, she talks about “dragging myself to the curb.”

    So which was it, you were unconscious and was dragged, but still heard the medics or you were not unconscious and dragged yourself?

  7. There were quite a few people from Arizona racing that day- a whole group went over. I don’t think they ran into any issues with people on the course. This type of behavior NEVER happened in the sport when I started racing in the 80s. Now I hear about it all the time. I will continue racing but I refuse to call myself a “triathlete” because this is what the lay-person sees most of the time!

  8. I know a few RD’s, and they LOVE people that travel to their races! The further the better! Gives them bragging rights.

  9. Ooh, that’s great gaslighting. She’s learned well from certain people in the public eye.

    God help any children that she teaches.

  10. It seems like those that get caught cheating really yell the loudest and try to deflect. Those that are, say DQ’d but shouldn’t have been or if accused of cheating, typically keep a cooler head and produce pretty quickly undoctored race results through pictures and/or their running watch history. They don’t go off on people calling them names and swearing like a sailor.

    I grew up with my parents telling me “those that scream the loudest usually have the most to hide” I think it’s still a pretty true statement.

    • If I taught a psychology class, I would use the reactions of the people caught cheating in these races for my subject matter. The typical progression is deny, blame, attack others and then act the victim.

      Oh, and I’m sure that some poor volunteer on the bike course saw her coming…realized she was from Arizona and then decided on the fly to misdirect her since she wasn’t a local. That same volunteer probably edited her gps mileage after the fact as well.

      • Blaming Californians for disliking Arizonans??? Wow, never heard anything like that one before! I mean, I know we have an intense rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan, but have never heard anyone in either state affected in such a manner as she claims. So bizarre!!

        • Her hatred of California isn’t new. From her FB: “April 11, 2013 · CALIFORNIANS, DON’T TAKE THIS PERSONALLY, BUT, I F*****G HATE YOUR STATE.” (MY asterisks, NOT hers.) This isn’t too long after gushing about being in San Diego; might have been the result of a bad experience with the school system.

  11. I hope that you send a copy of this article to her school district. Any talk about mass shootings is very serious and our children need to be protected. She sounds mentally unstable and as though she could be a danger to others.

    • LoL. She claims she did 65 mph biking on I-5 (which doesn’t have a bike lane) only two days before the race. Her Strava comments (when someone asked what her secret was) are hilarious: “It’s called a very fast TT bike and a disk wheel! And some fast riders in front!”

      Can you imagine a little group of cyclists passing you going 60 mph on the freeway? This woman’s a nut.

  12. Wishing that an entire state burns in a natural disaster? You know millions of innocent people live there, right? She is a pretty angry human being. No need to be angry, just prove your result. Oh, that’s right. You can’t.

  13. The efforts at coverup are the worst. Derek puts it well: “Had Anita admitted that she did not bike the entire course at this point, or even just kept quiet, that likely would have been the end of it. But she did the opposite”

    Up until her lashing out and posting altered data on Strava, I might have been willing to believe that she cut the course by mistake, believed she’d had a fantastic day, and was blissfully ignornant until “Race Buster” pointed out the Strava result to the race director. Everything after that–just, wow, what’s wrong with people?

  14. What a dichotomy, her cuddly-kitten/unicorn-fart ILM posts, versus that profanity-laced tirade. I really do think she needs professional help. She, and we, should go back and watch her own video post, “Things aren’t always what they seem.”
    (https://www.facebook.com/NTDLifeOfficial/videos/439223996589067/) This is not to defend her actions, just perhaps focussing the microscope that she herself wielded by her outbursts. Having an up-close and personal look at the mental illness/bi-polar community for 24 years, I recognize these behaviors. It’s sad, but she is an adult, and needs to take responsibility for her poor choices. She seems like a nice person in her posts, and certainly is fit enough to compete in, and complete, triathlons, so to throw that reputation away with escalating venom from what might have been an honest mistake (rather that just say Oops, my bad, missed that turn, won’t do that again!) makes no rational sense.

    On a related note, what veteran athlete goes into these events without checking out the course maps and special instructions?

      • I hope that every school district blocks her from employment & any other avenue of working with any children in any school system or activity. Also, some of the disturbing/dangerous things she said in her post should place her on an FBI watch. She may turn into a serious treat to society. I’m truly concerned! In addition, maybe she should be court ordered for some serious psychological help.

  15. She is a sociopath, best she never race anywhere. My best opinion is that she is mentally ill with an explosive personality accompanied by some addictive behavior being it drug or alcohol. She may just have predicted her next bad behavior by hurting an innocent individual. Best not to confront her directly and let the psychiatric community help her but most of these people do not believe they need help. This event was the tip of the iceberg.

  16. Looking at her Linkedin profile, she taught in SAN DIEGO in the past! Haha, she’s too much. Also she claimed to have been a sponsored professional road cyclist? Can anyone verify this? This woman’s story is getting weirder by the minute. Also her general bio is rambly and all over the place.

    Anyway, here it is copied/pasted from her public profile. I removed the names of the districts she’s working at so that the poor woman doesn’t get doxed. She has enough problems as it is.

    I am passionate about doing what it is I love.
    My background includes teaching at the elementary level, which began in 1999 as a Special Day Classroom Teacher for the severely autistic/special education students. I taught for the San Diego Unified School District in various educational backgrounds and in multiple subjects. Under my first emergency teaching credential in 2000, I had no experience as a teacher other than working as an instructional assistant in a resource room with Special Education students. At the same time, I was under contract with a bike company(Giant), and other companies. I was sponsored as a professional woman road cyclist. I had to train at least 250 miles a week on my road bike and race locally in San Diego and Arizona as well as nationally. I enjoyed it and it served as an outlet and hobby I took very seriously along with my work as a teacher.
    I am bilingual(German/English) and attended the United Nations International School in NYC (K-12) and received a semester of free German credits as a freshman at Arizona State University upon entering the school in 1989. I minored in German and later finished a major in German there and served as a Teaching Assistant in the German Department at Arizona State University while working on my Masters in German in the evenings. I was paid to teach German 101 and 102, two classes daily and received instruction there in exchange for teaching students at Arizona State University the German language. German was my first language.
    This coming school year, 2017/18, I am working on a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Phoenix. Along with that, I will substitute teach on some days with the [redacted] School District and [redacted] District in [redacted]. In my spare time, I train in three sports. Swimming, biking and running 30 hours a week as well. I average 150-200 miles a week on the bike, swim 10,000 yards and run about 20-25 miles a week. 2020 goal race- Ironman Hawaii.

    • 30 hours of training a week is A LOT for a non-professional triathlete. Looking at her Athlinks results, she is a pretty decent athlete, but I am skeptical of her 30 hours/week claim from her bio.

      • Yeah, 30 hours/week doesn’t make sense given the per discipline mileage she reports. 150-200 miles/week biking is somewhere in the 8-13 hour range. 10K yards/week swimming is maybe 2.5-3.5 hours. 20-25 miles/week running is probably around 3-4 hours. 13.5-20.5 hours of training a week is nothing to sneeze at, but it’s a long way to 30 hours/week. Even add in supplemental weight work, count the time you’re stretching as training hours, still not going to get near 30/week.

  17. She is a liar, a cheat, and a fraud. Not to mention mental. Did anyone report her alarming posts? As they say, if you see something, say something

  18. Wow! Just wow! As a teacher, these comments are disturbing and should be turned into the Arizona Department of education. I’m not kidding either. When you wish death upon a state and justify mass shooters, these are beyond red flags. And all this over being busted for cheating? I’m trying to train for my first triathlon to check off a box on my bucket list. I have no expectation of winning or cheating especially after suffering a heart attack 3 years ago. This lady is hardly an inspiration.

  19. This woman is completely insane. A psychologist would have a field day with this. Thank you for exposing this person, who should be getting counseling, not teaching kids.

  20. haha, I place 3rd OA including pros, I saw her and knew she had cut a loop or something… but didnt know she did it on purpose. haha, sucks for her.

  21. aso someone who races that event…i guess she could not read the 3 signes that indicated the turn around point in the middle of the street

  22. And now she’s changed her name on FB. C’mon, Anita, can’t you just apologize (e.g., “OMG, I made a terrible mistake, sorry I went nuclear, won’t do it again.”) and rejoin the real world? And we’ll all put this behind us? We KNOW you’re a capable triathlete, and we can be quite forgiving. Get help, and meet us half-way. I’d bet that, with your public apology, Derek might be willing to remove the post. He’s done it before. QED.

    • “Anne Jones?”

      Double letters! Most people who get busted for cheating would want to try to HIDE their double letters

      Clearly, it’s meant to be a big “Fuck You”

  23. In my opinion all cheaters names should he made public.

    As far as the threats she should be reported to law enforcement for community safety.

    Her employer should be notified.

    She needs to be looked at especially this time of age.

    And she needs some good psychotropic medication and an expensive therapist!

  24. I do not think this girl cheated intentionally. I do think that other stresses helped her respond the way she did.

    • Unintentional or not, and “other stresses ” notwithstanding, the response was over-the-top inappropriate, especially for a supposed experienced triathlete and cyclist. And, even if unintentional, the course-shortening for the particular class of tri (“international distance”) is still appropriate grounds for DQ, and anyone entered in that event should reasonable understand and accept that. Without exception.

  25. Truly a pillar of the community that is a beacon of virtue for all students she enlightens.

    No really how is she a teacher?

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