“He Lied To My Face” – More Information Shows Intent To Cheat at ‘Mo Cowbell Marathon


After I posted about James Brady being disqualified from The ‘Mo Cowbell Marathon, a couple of posters came to his defense within minutes of each other, with the same explanation. They said James injured himself around mile 18, and turned around, only claiming the half marathon medal and reporting to race officials that he did not run the full race.

Here’s a tip for you. This article is inaccurate and slanderous. He paid for and intended to run the full marathon but was injured on/about the 18th mile. He turned around and notified the finish line officials. He was awarded a HALF MARATHON medal. Since this inaccurate article was published, he has been ridiculed by the running community. Shame!

He didnt cheat. What happened was that he hurt his leg and turned around and when he got to the finish line he was asked if he did the whole marathon and he said he only did the half. Witch would make him the exact oppisite of a cheater he was honest about it. He ran 5 miles over the half way mark. And he only claimed the half marathon medal. Even tho he paid for the full marathon. So he isnt a cheater at all he is a honest marathon runner.

Bill’s profile that he set up to post linked to the billdavisattorney.org. This is not a valid website. I would be willing to wager that Bill is not an attorney.

It is apparent that these explanations are either from James himself, or these friends/family members are coming to his defense. As I posted in response, whenever I am accused of inaccuracies, I take that seriously. I will now take the time to address the claims above.

Where did he turn around?

Had he turned around at mile 18, his GPS would have registered around 24 miles, not 18.74. Had he hurt himself at mile 18, he presumably could have pulled himself at the aid station near mile 17. James himself posted on Facebook regarding the race diverting runners.

I asked timing officials about the diversion.

We didnt start diverting until 11:45. That was 15 minute mile pace. only 30-40 runners at the back were affected. that had nothing to do with what happened here.

To be clear, James turned around well before the diversion at mile 17-18. He crossed the finish line well before 11:45 am.

Additionally, I calculated his pace for the final split to the finish – this was less than 1/2 mile – but he completed this in about 10 minute/mile pace. He was running.

Did he claim a Full Finish?

First, let’s start with posts on social media.

I interpret this as James claiming that he ran the full marathon. No one would post the total time of a DNF – saying that they ‘did it’ unless they were claiming they finished the race.

On the evening after The Marathon, we got a possible glimpse into his motivation via a post from a family member.

I did my due diligence and asked timing officials if it was possible that James self reported:

This message is a direct quote from a timing official relayed to me by the owner of the timing company.

Last night I remembered flagging this guy, to my eye his pace didn’t match the time. I asked him if he had run the full or the half, he replied, full. He lied to my face, glad we caught him.

This was great work by the official on course. Something didn’t sit right, so he flagged the runner for review.

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  1. I don’t know how to do this, but some bloggers check the IP address of those registering / leaving comments. They then determine that Joe and Jane and Fred all are all actually from the same IP, thus all one person. Might be worth checking your logs.

  2. I’m an attorney, and it bugs me when people cry “slander” or “defamation” and threaten legal action when they get caught. Truth is always an absolute defense.

  3. The grammar and punctuation on Brady’s social media and on the comment by “Bill davis” appear to be a match. Certainly your evidence is much more damning, but I agree that”Bill davis” is no attorney.

  4. Im just a troll. I have no relation to lynette or james brady. Ill stop commenting on these post. I was just going by what i read on the comments and stiring the pot i dont want anybody to get DQ from anything because of my immature and stupid comments. Im sorry have a nice day

  5. Good job, Derek and team and race directors, for catching another cheater! Out of curiosity, and respectfully, what is your criteria again for how you decide whether to include someone’s name (or surname) in a story? Was this one on the cusp and/or was it because of his use of social media or his high placement or other? Thanks for all the hard work you do, also very entertaining!

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