Announcing The Marathon Investigation Podcast


The Marathon Investigation Podcast is Now Live!

The first five episodes of The Marathon Investigation Podcast are available on iTunes. The podcast will be available on other platforms soon. For now, you can search for Marathon Investigation on your Apple podcast app or follow this link. Please subscribe, rate and review the podcast. This leads to more listeners seeing the podcast.

The Marathon Investigation Podcast on iTunes

The podcast is co-hosted by myself (Derek Murphy) and Scott Kummer.

Scott brings a different perspective. Scott is the host of his own podcast, Ten Junk Miles. Scott has been an early critic..

After Scott posted the above, he invited me to appear on his podcast, Ten Junk Miles. I called his bluff, and agreed to come on. We had a lively two hour debate. While we disagreed on most things, the debate was civil. Our ‘Two Hour Argument’ is also up on The Marathon Investigation feed as episode two.

When I decided to do a podcast, I thought it would be good to have someone with a different perspective. I asked Scott to help out. He called my bluff, and agreed.

Scott also brings much needed podcasting experience and technical expertise to the show. While I find my stride, Scott keeps things on track. While I am still learning when to shut up, and getting the technical stuff figured out, I think the content and information from each guest has been fantastic and informative.

The best way to show your support for Marathon Investigation is to subscribe, rate and review the podcast.  If you support Marathon Investigation, just doing this will be a huge boost to the podcast.

The Initial Episodes

Episode 1 – Introduction – Get to know Scott and Derek
Episode 2 – The Two Hour Argument – Ten Junk Miles

The first two episodes give a glimpse into the differing perspectives of Scott and Derek. Episode 2 is a re-post of when I appeared on Scott’s Ten Junk Miles podcast in 2017.

Episode 3 – Disqualified Triathlete – Anita Carcone

Scott and I had planned to record an episode without any guest. But earlier in the day I received an email that was purportedly from Anita, asking me to call her. Anita was featured in an article from back in July. I replied back that I’d love to talk to her and asked her to come on the podcast. We scheduled her to come on. When we called, instead we got her friend, Bill. This is a must listen, especially if you want to hear Scott and I get screamed and cussed at for an hour. There was some interesting information that came out near the end of the ‘discussion’. I will also be posting a follow-up on Anita relating to the information that came out and some additional conversation that took place after we recorded the podcast.

Episode 4 – Sportstats owner Marc Roy

This was an extremely informative interview with the owner of Sportstats. Sportstats is the largest timing company in North America. Marc discusses timing technology and gives great information on what you should do to make sure your bib registers at the timing mats (Wear your bib in front, pin all four corners, don’t hit your watch while crossing the mat, etc.). Marc talks about how they use technology to identify course cutters and bib swappers.

Episode 5 – Jonathan Cane – Coach and Race Vigilante

Before Marathon Investigation existed, Jon was catching cheaters. He would look for runners that may have cheated his runners out of awards. He used many of the same methods that I use. He’d look for missed splits. When NYRR issued bibs based on runners’ previous times, he would look for someone with a high bib number finishing faster than expected. It was in a profile that Runner’s World did on him, that I first heard the term ‘Bib Mule’. We had an interesting discussion on cheating, internet piling on, and we took a deep dive into Jon’s appearance on ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire’

We hope you enjoy these episodes and take a few minutes to subscribe, rate and review the podcast.

You can also visit us on Patreon, where you can become a Patron for a small monthly contribution. There is also the opportunity to earn access to upcoming bonus episodes.

– Derek




  1. Wow. That Bill guy.



    I applaud your patience. If I were you or Scott I would have hung up after 5 minutes.

  2. “” This is a must listen, especially if you want to hear Scott and I get screamed and cussed at for an hour. There was some interesting information that came out near the end of the ‘discussion’. “”

    Will there be an omniscient narrator voice-over to correct any , um… inaccuracies?

  3. These were great to listen to on my runs this weekend. I’m a TJM fan and a marathon investigation fan, worlds colliding!

  4. Interesting, early on in the Kip Litton story on Letsrun, a foul-mouthed supporter turned up purporting to be called Dan (of course it could have been Kip himself) – no doubts in this case.

    • I hope if I am accused of anything, nobody like Bill tries to “help”, nothing makes anyone appear more guilty than raised voices, swearing and attempted “whataboutery” about earthquakes (seriously).

  5. Excited to listen to this! But does the podcast have an RSS link for those of us that use programs other than iTunes?

      • Well, sure, I can use iTunes for just this podcast (and I literally cannot uninstall it from my phone, for that matter), but then it won’t be in the queue with all of my varied other podcasts. A link to the RSS feed where it’s hosted would help everyone that doesn’t use iTunes, including yes, myself, but also those on non-Apple platforms subscribe to it and listen with minimal fuss on the user end.

  6. Derek, any thoughts on trying to get a psychologist on the podcast and having a discussion about why exactly these people feel the need to cheat at races?

  7. Derek, great job on the ‘Two Hour Argument’! Scott’s obviously a little more touchy-feely, and that provides a good foil to you. You strike me as more clear eyed. (And seriously, the make-a-wish guy should be in jail. Yes, fraud ruins your life. Don’t do it.)

  8. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I just subscribed. I plan to listen to all the episodes. I love your site Derek, I think this is great work that you do. I have donated before and I plan to do so again. Keep up the great work

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