Admitted Marathon Cheater (Still) Registered for Boston



Emily Clark initially admitted to cutting courses in a statement that she sent to Marathon Investigation following her disqualification from PeaceHealth Apple Tree Half Marathon. She was witnessed riding a bike along the course. In her statement, she admitted to course cutting at a number of other races including The Chicago Marathon, The Baystate Marathon, and The Eugene Marathon.

Additionally, after this admission, she was disqualified from The 2019 Chicago Marathon, which took place less than one following The PeaceHealth Apple Tree Half Marathon.

The Boston Marathon

Emily appears on The 2020 Boston Marathon entrant list. I have sent messages to The B.A.A. over the past month, but have not received a response from them as of today.

I fully acknowledge that Marathon Investigation has no official standing with The B.A.A. or The Boston Marathon. In the past, while The B.A.A. did not typically share information with me, they acknowledged my inquiries and acted promptly.

Boston Qualifier

The only Boston Qualifying race I could find for Emily within the 2020 Boston Qualifying window is the 2018 Spinx Run Fest. Emily initially logged a time of 3:23:13. She was eventually removed from the results, but not before she was able to submit her time for Boston.

Without an official time at Spinx Run Fest, her removal should be automatic.

I trust that the BAA will eventually take action. Unfortunately, Emily already has taken a spot from a deserving runner.

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  1. “Unfortunately, Emily already has taken a spot from a deserving runner.”

    And that is why you do such important work .. thank-you 🙂

  2. And there’s the final straw.

    Just the other day I thought to myself: I am not a fast runner. I’ve done more than I hoped by finishing 2 marathons and starting but not finishing a 3rd. But out of curiosity I looked up the Boston qual times, wondering if there might be a way to get myself there. I knew they lowered the times to reflect the increasing demand for slots so I wasn’t too hopeful.

    I looked and saw that I have a snowball’s chance in hell of meeting that time. (Yes, anything is possible but I just don’t have the bandwidth). Apparently, that’s true of Emily too. But she stole a spot nonetheless. And no she didn’t kill anyone and everything is relative, but I believe in karma….and it’s gonna get ya Emily.

    Best of luck to all those Boston runners who earned their spots. You are better (at running) than I!

  3. Thanks for the Dec 6 update. Even if it’s late, her disqualification from running is still a win for the running community. Thanks for your service. I don’t know how Boston works, but is there a chance that a deserving runner will now get to run?

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