“I Don’t Think The Video Is Good At Capturing Fast Moving Objects” – Carpet Runner Disputes His Own Evidence


On July 23rd, I presented my conclusions regarding Asif Amirat’s runs around his living room. I estimated that the actual distance he was running each day was being overstated by as much as 33%. The article focused on his July 4th run. Asif’s Garmin showed he ran 32 miles, I determined that he ran closer to 21 miles.

After disputing the reliability of his own Facebook Live videos, Asif submitted two videos that he says disprove my conclusions.

The key to my analysis was the distance per lap, and the number of steps per lap. Throughout this video and the others that were posted on his Facebook page, he consistently took no fewer than 10 steps per lap. In many videos, he took no less than 12 steps per laps. For my analysis I used an average of 11 steps per lap. WIth estimates of distance per lap and steps per lap, the Garmin step data was used to determine an estimate of total distance.

Asif is asserting that these videos are better evidence than the actual videos of him running during his ‘marathons’

Additionally, Asif deleted his Facebook and YouTube pages, and the videos that were posted on those pages. All we are left with as evidence are the videos that Asif made after the fact.

Asif says that he deleted the pages because of abuse that he was receiving after a new article was posted on INews.

I did point out to Asif that the video from the ITV news story showed Asif running around his table in about 12 steps per lap.

Asif’s response was that the cameraman told him to run very close to the table.

I was specifically asked by the cameraman to run as close as possible to the boundary of the coffee table. I was told that I should be in touching distance of the table. This was quite challenging because I was used to running a little wide of the coffee table. With the difficulty in turning when being so close to the table meant I was not able to do 7-7.5 steps per lap because I could not take longer strides due to being so close to the edge of the table. You can speak to the cameraman about this and he will tell you the same


Asif has been asking why I only investigated him and not other indoor runners. The answer is that no one (except Asif) has questioned any of the other runner’s claims. I did not investigate Asif in an attempt to shame him or bring him down. There were allegations that he was manipulating data and video. I determined that this was not the case.

Many estimated that his laps were about meters. I presented evidence that the laps were longer. I feel that I was more than fair in my initial article and gave Asif the benefit of the doubt in every way possible way.

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  1. He is either trying to hide his inability to do what he claims, or he just very ignorant. His remarks make me want to bash my head against a wall

  2. This sounds like one of those how I think I look vs how I actually look memes, or in this case how many steps I think I take (these videos) vs how many steps I actually take (the Facebook videos).

  3. Find it weird that around 1:40 on his first video he does a lap around his table but does not count the steps. He takes 10 steps, and this could possibly be 11 as his first foot is not really reset to the “line” and is well past it.

  4. OK Derek, leave him now. Absolutely hilarious, but justice has been served and unless he come out of the woodwork again, lets not hound the poor chap.

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