Anonymous Bandit Taunts M.I. And London Marathon


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On Saturday morning, I received an email from ‘anonymous’

Banditing London Marathon

Hi Derek,
You really do seem to put a lot of effort to the articles in your site, even though I don’t agree with their purpose. You will not like what I’m gonna do, but I’m gonna do it anyway.
I’m ready for tomorrow with a plan A, B, C, …, Z. I may not even need to use one of these bad boys.
Have a good day,Anon

Note: The emailer blocked out the bib #s.

I have not written about individual bandits in probably 2 years. However, I am solidly anti-bandit.

Banditing the London Marathon is probably not the best idea. This is the race that pressed charges leading to a homeless man spending time in jail.

The case of the homeless bandit is, in my opinion less egregious of an offense than someone that forges bibs, and uses those bibs to steal services and amenities from the race.

In 2018, Runner’s World posted an article that received heavy criticism. I wrote an article criticizing the article and referencing the many reasons why banditing a race is never acceptable.

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  1. Definitely awful behaviour. Luckily this year the medal, tshirt etc were given in the bag you dropped so unless this guy literally stole people’s bags using the bibs as proof (entirely possible, complete theft and why I didn’t share my bib on social media!) he won’t have got any freebies at least. But of course he’ll have benefitted from the course support and route

  2. At least these bandits didn’t get medals this year. You dropped off a kitbag in the days before the race, and had to show photo ID. Medals were put in the kit bag so nothing was given when you crossed the finish line.

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