Rock ‘N Roll Half – Bib Swapper Finishes Near the Top Of The Leaderboard

Male Runner wearing someone else's bib finishes as the 4th place female in the half marathon, claiming 2nd in age group


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Just about every weekend I receive messages regarding bib swappers placing at the top of age groups. This past weekend was no exception.

In this case, the runner made it easy to detect. The runner posted the result on their Instagram page.

The runner is identified as the founder, owner and head coach of Sparta 55.

4th Overall Female Finisher

The runner is shown wearing bib # 21245. The owner of the bib was a female, and Allan’s result currently resulted in Carolina placing 4th overall and 2nd in her age group.


I probably sound like a broken record at this point. But, it is incomprehensible to me how a coach and a runner capable of a 1:20:00 half marathon could not anticipate the likelihood that his participation using this bib would likely effect the outcome of the women’s race. Either this runner was stunningly oblivious to his placement in the female rankings, or just did not care that his illegal participation affected legitimate competitors.

I have reported this result to the race, and anticipate that they will adjust the results. In the past, RnR has banned participants for using other runners’ bibs or for allowing others to use their bibs.

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