Gia Alvarez Issues an Apology and Takes Responsibility


I will give credit to Gia Alvarez (RunGiaRun) for owning up to both giving her bib away and registering for Boston 2016 using that runner’s time.

There are couple of lessons to be learned here. The first is that Boston takes bib swapping very seriously. They take it especially seriously if you enter using someone else’s time.

The 2nd lesson is that it is always best to come clean and own your mistakes. Had Mike Rossi owned up to cheating at LVM in 2014, we probably would not remember his name.


  1. IMHO (@MalindaAnnHill)

    Too little, too late…

    Gia had plenty of excuses in her "cautionary tale" post and even more excuses in this "apology."

    A simple "I cheated. I was caught. I was punished. I am sorry." would have sufficed.

    That is all.

  2. "I have been punished" she quotes. Not quite yet lady. In this day and age "Bib Swapping" is akin to swapping tickets at the airport. Did she never hear of the bombings? Actions like this compromises the safety of runners and spectators alike. Total disrespect for the BAA. Are these the morals she teaches her children, To Cheat, Lie, and Jeopardize Public Safety? SHAME ON HER! She should be PROSECUTED to the full extent of the law.

  3. Right; there is very little remorse in this apology. And to say she respects the Boston Marathon and the BAA is utterly disingenuous. If she respected them, she wouldn't have cheated her way into the race.

  4. "I made a mistake . . . we all make mistakes . . . ," she pleads. Three times two equals five is a mistake. She is a cheater.

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