Disqualified Runner is Looking for Evidence to Be Vindicated – 2016 London Marathon



Photo Evidence Proves Timing Issue in London Marathon Disqualification of Ryan Lee

Update : Additional Information on Disqualified London Runner

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Here’s a Chance to Possibly Vindicate a Disqualified Runner. Right now there is very little to go on. I will update this article as more information becomes available.

See the linked article. A runner was disqualified for missing the 5k mat at the London Marathon. The runner is 18 year old Ryan Floyd Lee. The runner’s mother is reaching out for help to find a photo of him on the first part of the course.


What I’d really like to see are his complete splits. I’d like to see if the missing splits are out of line with the rest of his race. This wouldn’t prove he ran the race, but it could be strong evidence of cheating if his pace through 10k (the first mat he hit) is significantly faster than his next split.

The map below shows the beginning of the course. It would appear to be relatively easy to cross the start line, and work through the park right at the 10k split. I am assuming that race officials see this as a potential spot for course cutters, and a big reason for a disqualification.

Looking at the finish line photo the runner that crosses at the same time finished with a net time of 4:08:15 and finished at 2:14:58 PM.

He may have been spotted at 55:48 into this youtube video.
Edit: Have done more analysis of the video with the help of a reader. The runner with bib # 30004 is spotted in the video, (Blue shirt bottom right corner- cant see bib in the above shot, but you can catch it in the video, and I verified it by looking up his bib on marathonfoto).
Edit: This video  allows us to determine the exact race time based on the youtube time. There is a 3:17 difference between race time and the youtube time. The first video was taken at 52:32 gun time – or 10:52 AM. Runner #30004  hit the 10k mat at 10:50:23. So this video was taken past the 10k mat, and therefore does not prove that Ryan was on the course prior to the 10k split.

Marathonfoto link

I have reached out to the author of the linked article to try to find out if they have a record of his split data.


  1. I imagine London doesn't just DQ runners based on one missed timing mat. A z-list celeb (Natasha Argent) was found to have cheated London and some of the articles in the press mentioned that there are 24 check points on the course, so many in addition to those that get posted in official race results. I don't know if that's true, but if so this lad probably missed a few. It also appears he ran with a smartphone strapped to his arm so it'd be a shame if he hadn't tracked his race.

    My guess would be he cut the course, his mum believed his porkies and went to bat for him, and he's now mortified that the story is making it into the papers. The rascal.

  2. Good point on the additional checkpoints. With 24 checkpoints, there could have been 6 or more in that first 10k. I suspect we may get more information from the marathon now that it is a public story.

  3. Mission creep here. Stick to outing those who deliberately cheat to get Boston qualifying times.

  4. Red starts after blue and so has faster chip times alongside Lee at finish 4:02-4:05. Blue chip times alongside Lee at finish 4:07-4:12. Lee's chip time is 3:58 so he's triggered the start mat at least 16 minutes after the blue start. I'd guess he's crossed the line after the start has officially closed.

    His result has definitely been removed from website. Changing his bib to the required hex query shows empty tables.

  5. If that video does show Lee, that puts him at that spot earlier than would be expected. Also if the reports of additional checkpoints are correct, it is possible that he missed more than just the one that has been reported. just speculation, of course.

  6. From the article: She told News Shopper: “Unless we can prove he ran and didn't cheat he will have to return his medal and be blacklisted for all future events."

    Really? Banned from all future events? Does that actually happen? And no, they're not going to track him down and make him return the medal.

    Something doesn't add up. DQed based on one missed chip time? And unless this DQ really does ban him from ever entering a race again, which I doubt, why would anyone care? You ran your race, got the photos, have the medal. So you're not listed in the official results. So what?

    Mum is overreacting and this is a non-story.

  7. Blue start went off pretty quick. If he didn't cross the start for 16 minutes then that's odd. It didn't take that long. I was there. And I have a video of blue starting. I will check and see if I can see him anywhere. I reckon he started late and cut the course through the park to join the race at 10k, at 33.3 mins, which was his 10k chip time. He's not a runner, his mum said that. He does boxing and a bit of jogging. That's a hell of a fast 10k for a new runner who has never ever raced before

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