Time for Guinness to Act – Evidence Raises Further Suspicions Regarding Marathon Records


On May 24, I posted two articles detailing detailing the male and female record holders for most marathons in a calendar year.



There are multiple questions regarding both Parvaneh’s and Larry’s results that were detailed in the articles above. Many of these questions stem from both of their inclusion in multiple “I Ran Marathon” events – events that Parvaneh owns and manages.

Since the original articles, some very interesting information has come to light.

Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon – 2 Places at One Time

Parvaneh participated in this marathon in Nepal at Mt. Everest on May 29, 2016. She finished in 12:40:10. The race started at 7:00 AM, so Parvaneh finished at approximately 7:40 PM after running all day.
Via private message, the race confirmed to me that Parvaneh was in Kathmandu on June 1st.
Why is this important? Parvaneh appears in the I Ran Marathon results while she was in Nepal. Parvaneh had also posted as she was at the airport, which as I recall, was after June 3rd. However she deleted those posts around the same time the results of these races were posted.





Additionally, flights from Katmandu to Austin Texas take a minimum of 34 hours. The earliest she could have possibly arrived had she left via plane the same day she trekked into Katmandu would be 10:30 PM the evening of June 2nd. Via her deleted post, I know that she did not leave Nepal until after June 1st. Making it completely impossible that she participated in the I Ran races June 1-3.

More Ties to Larry Macon

For each of these days, Parvaneh has finishing times a few seconds behind Larry Macon. It has been confirmed 100% that Parvaneh could not have been at her races on these days, and that she was put in the results without running. By extension, Larry’s results here should be scrutinized.
When you have a race director (Parvaneh) that is going after 1000 lifetime marathons and is added to races she manages, when it would be impossible that she ran, all the results for every participant should be questioned.
In my opinion, in the absence of video evidence,  any World Records that include her races should be invalidated..especially if Parvaneh or her husband were among the people that acted as witnesses.

Mysterious Evidence Surfaces

I received an email last night that contained what is purported to be rental car receipts from trips to Los Angeles that correspond with some Charlie Alewine races. Below is one example:
According to this receipt, Larry had the car from July 10th at 7:52 PM, and returned it on July 11th at 8:45 AM. The car was rented for just under 13 hours.
Total running time 15:24:57.
The total rental car time was shorter than the combined time of these two races.
I have heard from some runners that Larry often is granted early/late starts to fit races into his schedule. That doesn’t seem to explain the above. There may be a plausible explanation for this rental that I have not considered. But, this is a good example of the information that has come in after the initial article, and is added to the pile of questions regarding Larry’s racing and seemingly impossible schedule. Additionally,  I’ve received a number of other messages with information that I continue to track down.

Time for Guinness to Take Action

Between the evidence presented in the previous articles, and the proof presented regarding Parvaneh’s I Ran Marathon results from June 1-3, it is time for Guinness to re-examine these records. Parvaneh is claiming that she is going to complete her 1000th marathon by the end of the year. A great many of these were run at her own events, and should not be counted towards anything resembling a World Record.
A large # of Larry’s results come from Parvaneh’s races as well as Charlie Alewine races. In my opinion, those results should be removed from the record totals for both runners.
Guinness requires runners to provide more documentation when attempting to break the record for fastest marathon dressed as a fast food item (female) than they do for the records for multiple marathons. For the multiple marathon records, the main requirement is that you have 2 witnesses validate the results.
I will be contacting Guinness with this information. If you are interested in lstting them know your opinion, you can contact them through their web form.


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  1. Does seem like some of the biggest fault here lies with Guinness for certifying world records with so little evidence. Letting someone use their own races, with totally flexible starting times and no timing chips, mats or the like is ridiculous. Or letting someone count his laps and report his times to a director.

  2. I just looked at the I Ran Marathons website and noticed something peculiar on the page. Parvaneh is promoting an 8-day running event with either a registration for an individual event, or with registration for all 8 days. The price structure made zero sense. It cost about $50 less to sign up for the 5K all eight days vs. signing up for each individual. That's fine — except the price difference for the 10K race series is $10 over all eight days. And for the Marathon/Half, the price difference was negative (as in, the 8-day price is WORSE than the individual price per race). That makes it look like someone put up the race bid information without a care as to how accurate their numbers were.

  3. Great find. Have you noticed that many finishing times are often round numbers (ending 0 or 5). Also in the above examples of june 1-3, there are people who finished together with names that don't come up in marathonguide.com search results. And what are the odds of 2 people named Craig with last names beginning with K finishing at the same time? Smells odd…someone call ghostbusters.

  4. She left the result up for June 3rd. Parvaneh, I know you spoke at the dinner on June 2nd. So, it was impossible that you raced in San Antonio on June 3rd. Go ahead and remove that result as well.

  5. The fact alone that following this article, the results on the I Ran Marathon results have been changed, proved that previous results of Parvaneh cannot be verified. It seems that she is included in the results of the races by default, regardless of her actual participation. In cases where her participation is disproven, she is removed from the results. This should give Guiness significant pause whether the other results can be sufficiently verified.

  6. Once again I have to say I don't belive Larry cheats. I don't know about the car rental receipt, but perhaps he only ran one and it is mismarked. The bigger issue here are these BS races where you can start whenever and wherever and apparently run any course you like. How is this different then any training run?

    I do want to say that the board for the 50 states club gets a lot of shit for setting and sticking to rules and standards. I for one am happy they do.

    Passed off that Jerks like Charlie and Parvaheh are making all small races suspect. Too far in the gray.

  7. I don't know how you can explain multiple races in different locations that took place at the same time. I know Larry has often requested and received permission for early starts – but in the cases that I pointed out, that seems impossible. Also, just the fact that many of his races were from the IRAN Marathon series, should be enough doubt to not validate the record.

  8. Can someone even explain what the "I Ran Marathons" races are? How are they races at all? Marathons every day, all over the country, even world? I just don't get it.

  9. Her events are small "races" on an out and back course in San Antonio, Tx. The "races" range from 5K up to 50K doing up to 10 out and backs on a 1.55 mile paved greenway for the kilometer based races and up to 8 1.55+ mile out and back for the marathon and half marathon. The concept is actually awesome for training purposes.

    Unfortunately, they are a joke because of what Parvaneh does. While many of the results are factual, there are many that are not. I never kept exact tabs or details on things but will confidently say that Parvaneh having run these races (even given all of her allowances of early/late starts and virtually running them) is BS.

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