Parvaneh Moayedi Claims Her 1001st Marathon Finish


I’ve previously written about Parvaneh Moayedi, and laid out the irrefutable evidence that she did not complete many of the marathons that she claims.

Examination of World Record Marathoners Part 1 – Parvaneh Moayedi and I Ran Marathons

Time for Guinness to Act – Evidence Raises Further Suspicions Regarding Marathon Records

Some of the key pieces of evidence presented in the articles:

  • Appears in results of races that occurred simultaneously in different states
  • As many of half of her claimed races are part of the I Ran Marathons races. Parvaneh puts on these races. I have received numerous emails from runners of these races stating that Parvaneh appeared in the results without having run.
  • She appeared in results of  I Ran Marathon races while she was in Katmandu for the Tensing Hilary Everest Marathon.  In this article, Parvaneh claims that a substitute race director ‘made a mistake’. I would ask how do you mistakenly add a runner to race results and give them a time for a race they did not run? I will go out on a limb, and say that adding her to results is common place, and the mistake was not taking into account that her travel was being documented and that it could be proved that she was not in San Antonio for those races.
  • Comments by those that witnessed her at I Ran Marathons and similar races. Since she is in total control of the I Ran Marathon results, it is impossible to validate these statements. But these statements all came from interviews I did with the runners or unsolicited emails.
“…observed (1) there was no one validating anything; (2) people started, stopped, went away for a few hours rest, and “finished” whenever they wanted with no one verifying anything; (3) people reported their own time and distances – no one was verifying whether anyone ran the distance they claimed or in the time they claimed.”

 “I did see Parvaneh walk or slow jog a lap or two each day, I was surprised to see her in the results as having run marathons, as that seems impossible.  Recognizing these “events” met no one’s standards for certifiable or verifiable “races”, I never again attended any of her events because I view them all as hoaxes.”

“Another time she was in her car because it was cold that day. She walked one or two loops with a friend of hers – she claimed – to check on us. “

“…I only saw her do a lap a day. Because she was always at the finish to record times and between laps to pour soda, Gatorade, etc…There’s just no way she ran marathons those days”

Parvaneh has written a book about her “accomplishment”.
I won’t post the link, but it is available on lulu.
Guinness has been presented with all the evidence, and has refused to take action to this point regarding Parvaneh’s two Guinness records.
Prior to publishing this article, I have emailed their press office for comment. As of publication of this article, they have not responded. I will update this if they do decide to issue a statement.

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  1. So what can we do to help with getting Guinness to correct this erroneous acclaim? Is there a contact address or phone number that we should call?

  2. The problem is that the Guinness publishers crossed a line perhaps 15 years ago with their publication. It went from being something that was reasonably well verified to being more open for self submission and verification. There are a lot more categories now in the Guinness Book of World Records that are superfluous for instance. Things like fastest marathon while skipping, dressed as a clown, et cetera. I don't even bother looking at the Book of World Records anymore because it is full of so much junk now.

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