Another Runner Identified Using A Bib Mule To Qualify For The 2017 Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

We are just over 2 weeks away from The 2017 Boston Marathon. I am still fighting for some disqualifications. Unfortunately a few that I am sure cheated their way to an entry remain registered. Another case of a runner using a bib mule to gain entry to the Boston Marathon came to light last night.

The runner listed below typically is a 5 hour marathoner.

The picture above picture was taken during the 2015 Los Angeles Marathon, in which she finished in over 5 hours.


Above is the mule that is running with her bib in the 2016 Las Angeles Marathon.


These are obviously different runners. I have verified photos of the actual individual via social media.

I have reported this runner to the Los Angeles marathon as well as Boston. I will update when any action is taken.


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  1. Thanks for your work. I see that you are now redacting the numbers on the bibs. I assume this is to protect the identity of the runners?

    I thought the whole point was not only to catch them but to act as a deterrent to future cheaters? If they remain anonymous, does it accomplish the deterrent goal as well?

    I’d like it to be well known among all runners qualifying for Boston that cheaters will be exposed. I’d like fear to be in their bones so they don’t even consider cheating in the first place. Bib mules are disgusting and on the same level of course cutters.

    Love the fact that you are getting lots of publicity on running websites. You are making a difference.

    • It’s a fine line. The point was never to ‘shame’. There are cases where I still post names and bib #s. Serial cheaters, those that profit or are in positions of trust, etc.

      I take it case by case..with Shamrock, none of them were multiple cheaters – it was a miserable day. I don’t know that the motivation was Boston for any of them, so I decided to redact. Selfishly I didn’t want to have to field emails from multiple runners relating to that article.

      In this case, I was unable to find a good contact # or email for the runner, and it didn’t raise to the level where I wanted to reveal her identity without at least speaking to her first.

      thanks for your support.

  2. It should be the job of the boston marathon officials to weed out the cheaters and what better time now after the boston bombings. What is to prevent some cheat from posing as an imposter and attach bombs to his/her body to inflict grievous harm.

    • That is a seriously laborious task and labor isn’t free or cheap. How much extra are you willing to pay for your entry to have a “verification team”? It’s flat out not worth the cost.

  3. There needs to be shame associated with this. These individuals knowingly cheated the system in order to get to Boston.

    Somewhere out there a legitimate finisher who qualified as a squeaker is staying home so that these individuals who were too lazy to do the work and put the time and effort into legitimately qualifying can enjoy the glories of crossing that starting line in Hopkinton and finish line in Boston.

    You need to out them publicly! Don’t be afraid to do so.

  4. Between “bib mules,” “chip donkeys,” “bandit burros” and “course cutting asses” there are some dishonest pack animals out there!
    Make Donkeys Great Again! #MDGA

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