Age group winner disqualified from Rocky Point Triathlon


Tracee’s Facebook page still has has a post about her first ever AG win. Her win took place at The Rocky Point Triathlon in the Sprint race.


Her result shows her completing the bike portion in 22:37.  No other competitor in any age group finished the bike stage in under 40 minutes. In 2017 she biked the course in the 252nd fastest time out of 299 finishers. She was 9th out of 10 in her age group.

Additionally, there was a witness that reported seeing her turnaround early. Shortly after I was made aware of her apparent early turnaround, she was removed from the results – only after proudly standing on the podium.

Still Gloating

Even after being disqualified, her post claiming victory remains on her Facebook page. No apology, not even an attempt at an excuse. No acknowledgment of the disqualification. For the sprint Triathlon, there is no fathomable reason she could have accidentally turned around early. This was an out and back ride. She simply turned around early.

She not only pushed the true 1st through 3rd place finishers in her age group down the rankings, she also cost the overall 3rd place female her spot on the podium.

It’s bad enough to simply cut a course. It is at an entirely different level to claim an award you did not earn, and to stand next to the women you cheated while accepting the award.
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    • Congratulations, and I hope you get your medal and acknowledgement that you are the true winner.

      • What the organizers should do next year for you Ms. Basey is have a ceremony BEFORE the race. I would *LOVE* to see an RD make an announcement that due to the original first place person in the age group being disqualified for cheating, they have a new winner. Then announce your name. You get your well deserved moment (that was originally stolen) and serves notice to the competitors that if you cheat, you will get caught!!!

        • The women’s winner of the St. Louis marathon was cheated out of her victory and after they figured it out, they arranged for her to run through a finish line set up at home plate right before a St. Louis Cardinals game. Very cool.

  1. The race organizers really should have done a basic check of the splits before the podium awards. I can understand them not spotting somebody who cheated by a few minutes, but having a bike split ~20 minutes faster than everyone else!!

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