“Gone For A Run” – Running Store’s Questionable Practices Exposed


On Thursday, Dorothy Beal (@mileposts) fired off a tweet aimed at the running website GoneforaRUN.com.

This website very clearly took Dorothy’s words and used those words (and the design) on one of their products.

They did not deny this, and offered an apology.

Runner’s World Editor, Kit Fox summed up their reply perfectly:

Maybe this was an honest oversight? They say they have strict instructions relating to the creation of their designs.

However, Dorothy pointed out more examples of brands she says GoneforaRUN.com has ripped off.

I found these running shorts. Very clearly a knockoff of The BAA’s and Boston Marathon’s iconic unicorn symbol.

Also, for $35 you can run their Virtual races, which features a familiar theme. Why run at Disney when you can run a virtual, knockoff version?

It would seem very clear that taking Dorothy’s words and design from her post was not a simple oversight. It appears that what Dorothy discovered represents a pattern with GoneforaRUN.

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  1. They’ll probably justify it with, “Hey, it’s unique, she wrote ‘anyways’ but ours says ‘anyway.'”

    Once may be an error. Twice may be coincidence. Anything more is blatantly deliberate.

    I have an essay I’d like to publish. It begins “Four score and seven years ago.” Oh, right.

  2. Its one thing for them to try to rip off random people’s ideas on the internet – its not right, just less risky. They have some big stones to blatantly infringe on Disney.

    • But as revealed in many of Derek’s investigations, Disney doesn’t seem to care much about cheaters…

      • You’re right they DON’T, but they DO care about their brand. Now what Gone For a Run did CAN be construed as copyright infringement. (I’d have a problem with my new cartoon character Mikey Mouse.)

  3. I agree, copying Disney and the BAA is asking for trouble. In a previous thread I commented how the main stream media see Derek as a source for interesting running stories. I sure hope they pick this one up. Derek’s follow up articles should be interesting reading.

  4. Can I steal all of Gone For A Run bs merchandise ideas and slightly undercut their prices? That way, I’m only copying GFAR’s business model, and not technically stealing from the original creator!

  5. At least they don’t buy stuff from Walmart or Target, then slap a “Valkyrie Surf & Snow” logo on it, and sell it for 4x cost @ashley.horner

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