Race Announcer Rudy Novotny Offers $10K to Charity if Bre Tiesi-Manziel Can Run A Six Minute Mile


Bre Tiesi-Manziel gained unwanted notoriety last week after her claim of completing a sub two hour half marathon came under scrutiny. Timing data shows that for her time to be believed, she would have had to run the final 6.7 miles in a world record 4 minute per mile pace.

Bre has publicly defended her time. Last week I took a deeper look into the course and her rebuttal. Since then, eyewitnesses have come forward with accounts that seem to confirm my conclusion that Bre and Khloe, skipped a loop, shortening the course by approximately 4-1/2 miles.

Bre has slammed those that have questioned her time by saying this was a charity race. In fact, the Run Like a Diva race does have a charity partner, but it is a for profit race.

An Opportunity To Make a Difference

In an attempt to appeal to Bre’s charitable side, famed race announcer Rudy Novotny, has offered $10,000 if Bre can run a single 6 minute mile. 

Rudy has been a longtime supporter of Marathon Investigation and has been very vocal about his stance on cheaters and bandits.

I contacted Rudy privately, and he went a step further. In order to show that he is serious and that the offer is legitimate, he went out and obtained the cashier’s check ahead of publicizing his offer.

Rudy with $10,000 cashiers check payable to “Your Charity”

The stipulations to his challenge are as follows:

  • The attempt must be completed within 30 days,
  • The attempt must be completed at a track and witnessed by an independent official
  • The attempt must be recorded live

If Bre accepts the challenge, she will need to provide 14 days notice in order to allow time to make all the necessary arrangements.

In addition to Rudy’s offer, I have created a Crowdrise campaign to support The Breast Cancer Charities of America (iGoPink). iGoPink is the charity partner of The Divas Running Series.

The Crowdrise campaign is not contingent on Bre accepting or winning the challenge. However her participation would certainly serve to increase the visibility and success of this campaign.

Diva’s 6 Minute Mile Challenge – Crowdrise

Rudy’s offer is contingent on Bre running a 6 minute mile under the conditions listed above.

This is an opportunity for Bre to turn this around and show that her participation in The Run Like a Diva Half Marathon was really about charity. She will raise more money and awareness by participating in this challenge than she did through her participation in The Run Like a Diva Half Marathon.

Bre or her representatives can reach me via email at derek@marathoninvestigation.com. I will assist in getting the parties together to work out the specifics of the challenge.


  1. Love it.
    Similar to The James Randi One_Million_Dollar_Paranormal_Challenge (Wikipedia)
    Offered – in controlled conditions – $1 million to anyone who could show they have supernatural (sic) powers. All they had to do is is that which they had claimed to do previously – easy money…. No winners (surprise!)

  2. 0 chance she accepts the challenge, but I am eager to hear any reason she puts forth as to why. Wait, didn’t she have an “awful knee injury,” so that might stop her. On second thought, it didn’t stop her world record pacing at the end of the race…

    • One of the toughest things is not to lower oneself to another person’s level.
      This sure seems like taking this website from reporting and investigating and publicizing onto shaming for clicks. You caught her and publicized it. Good job. This not so much.

      • I feel like you’re way off there. This is giving so much opportunity for positivity. I would bet that even if she accepts and doesn’t quite run a sub 6, say she runs a 6:30, I would bet some of Rudy’s money would still be offered for her charity, just for participating in the challenge. Though if she can’t do one mile under 6 minutes, she’s showing the world that there is no way she ran the Half time she’s claiming. I think it’s a great move. It could even lead to her admitting what she did and talking about it. A good thing for the world. I don’t see it as Rudy and M.I. lowering themselves to her level, I see it as them offering her a chance to lift herself up to a respectable, honest human level.

    • All she has to do to stop it is tell the truth, I know that we live in a post truth world of alternative facts and lots of people are OK with that but I am not

    • They were “hired” by the race people to run the race as influencers so they didn’t even buy their race bibs. The friend Khloe raised…$65. So…nothing from the fundraising pages anyway

    • The comical thing is that the race asked her to. spread awareness through her own social media. She was never expected to be a “racer” but was there as a fair to the run hosts who needed the marathon to get more exposure. This poor chick is getting killed in the media over a race she didn’t care about running. People get so ugly.

      • She is getting slammed over her claim that she completed the race in two hours, and her refusal to concede that she didn’t complete the race despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

      • Of which she didn’t even do that. So fail on both accounts. She’s getting killed in the media because of refusal to just say “I missed the 2nd loop, running a half is a lot harder than I thought…” Instead, she continues to say she finished it, with the last 6ish miles at faster than world record pace. Had she just admitted from the get-go what happened it would have totally disappeared. However, her refusal to tell the truth is what is keeping her at the forefront of the media.

  3. Agreed. There is ZERO chance of her accepting the challenge… But hey, at least it’ll prove that they, Brie and her BFF, weren’t running for a charity, just to collect some VANITY points and raise their social media profiles… Phonies!!!

  4. Honestly, at this point it is just piling on to a dumb girl, who was looking for Instagram clicks. It’s, in my opinion, not nice.

    • It’s also not nice to claim that you did something that you didn’t.

      As usual it’s not the initial “crime” its the cover-up. If she would have just fessed up in the beginning instead of doubling down on her claims this all would be over with.

      • Yup, continuing to try to cover up the fact that she did not run 13.1 miles gave this story legs. The cover up is always worse and more interesting than the crime.

      • Sure, she should have. But she’s an idiot, a self entitled idiot, and whether she cheated (she did) or not, at this point it’s just unseemly IMO.

      • No. Calling her dumb, which she is on your website, is not the same as the personal baiting of her. Again, not justifying anything she did. She’s a moron, a liar and a cheat, but what is the purpose of pumping more life into this?

        I think you do a great job, i 100% concur that cheaters should be made to feel the light of day, but there has to be proportionality.

  5. I kind of have to agree with some of the comments above. I like what Derek does to help keep the running community honest and call out the cheaters; especially when it comes to BQ. I like the articles and analysis.
    But this one report does seem a little over the line. A good reporter doesn’t become part of the story; I’m keen to hear what others think.

    • Curious how this is over the line? Rudy posted the challenge on my page, I’m relaying it. I also created a Crowdrise to raise additional money for the race’s charity partner.

      I don’t see this as piling on, but a chance for Bre to turn this into a positive. Everyone knows that she did not run the half marathon. Accept this in good humor, and raise some money for a good cause.

      Also, I didn’t create this site as a ‘reporter’ or a journalist. I created it as a means to deter cheating. This story will likely stop someone from attempting to cheat. With additional traffic, always comes additional tips and more awareness.

  6. Derek I couldn’t agree more! You dont want all the heat? Then don’t cheat. Or at least admit when you are wrong. She’s too cocky and getting exactly what she asked for.

    • Hah, I see the Derek’s crowdrise has already raised (5x) more money ($330) than Bre and her bestie. So, I guess all’s well that ends well.

  7. I’m sick of people who think this type of behavior is a no biggie and getting called out is mean. The girl didn’t make a mistake. She continues to defend her lie. It’s all over Twitter with her boyfriend defending her. THAT is what is being it going. You stand for what is right and don’t let up. So tired of wimpy , non confrontational people who let stuff go.

  8. She’s a blatant narcissist. She’s probably quite content with the attention she’s got from this, including having her picture everywhere. Don’t feed her ego, small thumbnails of her pics are sufficient I reckon.

  9. Lol to be an “influencer” you have to post about the race often prior to race. She did not do that. Her 1st post was after the race. Stop calling her that

    • An influencer is someone with a social media platform (a substantial amount of followers), it has nothing to do with the timing of posts. You’re specifically referencing the promotion of an event.

  10. There are SO many like her in the “running” world these days…it’s all about social media and getting attention and NOT about being an actual “runner”. She needs to step up or step off…!

  11. Whilst I agree with the poster who commented about “not being part of the story”, I think this is a totally legit way to do something positive in many respects. If (and because I am old and British and not into Insta, I have no idea who this woman even is) this woman is able to run this time, then why wouldn’t she. If I put myself in her position and I was “innocent” then this would be a truly great way to get more likes, clicks, and the Insta crowd would be all over it if I were as popular as her. So…why wouldn’t she get on board.
    This kind of response, while it might seem (and be) a bit cynical, really gives her a (rare) opportunity to put someone else money where her mouth is

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