“Good Samaritan” Shows up at NYC Marathon


The “Good Samaritan Bandit” showed up at The New York City Marathon. He is not hiding that fact, and obviously he enjoys the attention.

He showed up on the television coverage of The NYC Marathon. This photo originated from a post on a Facebook group, and was sent to me. A couple other people shared similar images.

LaPierre is seen running near the elite runners. If there are any question that person from the television coverage is Lapierre. this morning, Lapierre posted this photo on social media.

I know that I have posted that I would not focus on individual bandits. I am not searching out stories of banditing, but when situations like this come along, I will take the opportunity to highlight the issue.

I wrote an article about a year ago after Runner’s World wrote an article that most felt was condoning banditing

He showed up on The New York City course with the elite runners, dressed for winter and completely covering his face. He should have been pulled from the course. Maybe he was at some point.

He should understand why a runner without a bib, hiding their face, dressed like he is ready for a blizzard could be seen as a threat and a safety concern.

Lapierre admits to banditing The NYC Marathon 12 times. The NYRR has put out a clear message that bandits are not welcome. Bib sellers and buyers are with banned. Lapierre has stolen thousands of dollars of race entries from NYC, Boston, and Chicago.

To The New York Road Runners, this is an opportunity to make a clear statement and take some action against this bandit who is blatantly thumbing his nose at the rules.

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  1. The epitome of white male privilege. Not only brazenly commuting theft, which has resulted in so many POC deaths, but dressing in a manner that would have resulted in harsh ramifications in any situation in NYC that had this much police presence, and a lot of minorities.

  2. This guy needs to be made an example of to further discourage bandits. He’s wrong, he knows he’s wrong, but he’s doing it for attention. Race officials should give him what he wants by disallowing him from running in any their future races (as a paid participant or a bandit). If he does, he should be arrested.

  3. After witnessing medics doing chest compressions on the man who died during the Disney 5k this past Friday, I would never hope a bandit has a medical event on course and could not be easily identified for family notice and medical history that could save a life.

    • Yes. I was there and witnessed it as well. It is one thing to say something like this is a possibility, it’s another to witness the kind of medical emergency that happened this past weekend and know that if that runner had been a bandit/used an illegally purchased bib, there is no telling how long it might’ve taken to even inform his family of what happened.

  4. At around mile 14 …on the Queensboro bridge…a runner collapsed……two guys stopped and picked up the runner..who by the way, had his eyes rolling to the back of his head…One runner held the man close to him and called 911..only one other person besides me..and the man helping…stopped to help..my emergency phone call and phone number were recorded by the NYPD. If I didn’t bandit that race he would maybe had not gotten help sooner..print that!..yours Truly, J.P. LaPierre

    • you do realize that there are FDNY EMS personnel stationed on the bridge during the race, chill out with your god complex. and maybe run a race legit one day.

    • Why not enter races legitimately? Is having a remarkable knack for repeatedly being in dramatic situations, rather like a soap opera mutually exclusive to obeying the same rules everyone else does>

    • Ah, the old “I’m rubber and you’re glue” gambit. Are we in 3rd grade again?

      I’m sure I’ll never understand why you feel so entitled to run marathons that you haven’t paid for, nor why you would even enjoy doing so. So, no need to bother trying to explain whether or is about PRs or not. Your actions and your original response to Derek last month tell me all I need to know about you.

  5. A) I’m opposed to bandits
    B) That is some high-level trolling for him to jump in NYC and then flaunt it knowing MI would pick it up – you kinda have to admire that
    C) The person who posted in the comments as him is also trolling
    D) I hope to never be near this dude – he is just straight up bad luck!

  6. Fairly certain he bandits so no one can see that he can’t actually run the whole thing.

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