Race’s Policy Includes Fine, Charges for Bandits


The policy at The Kia Fort Bend 30k race is clear. If you bandit, you potentially face charges and a hefty fine.

Anyone NOT registered who runs on the course during the race may face a “theft of services” charge and a fine of $500.

The full policy, is posted below.

NOTE: ALL runners MUST be registered…visible 30K number on front
Legally, ALL runners MUST be officially registered with a VISIBLE Fort Bend KIA 30K Run race number on front. Finish Line Sports has a City Parade Permit for the designated First Colony streets in runners lane for race morning, from 6:30am until 10:45am and any “bandits” will face a stiff fine. Anyone NOT registered who runs on the course during the race may face a “theft of services” charge and a fine of $500. Please point out any bandits to one of our 30+ uniformed SLPD officers on the course. (This is a rare problem, but an afront to our race causes AND other paying runners.) Sorry, Pacing another without a number is NOT permitted. No transfer of numbers. Thank you for officially registering and for supporting the 30K.

But, Is The Policy Enforceable?

I became aware of this policy after a member of The Marathon Investigation Facebook group posted the race instructions on the page. Most people applauded the policy, but doubted whether it was enforceable.

I reached out to the race to find out. I asked if this policy serves as a deterrent and if runners have actually been charged and ordered to pay by the city.

“Yes, on both counts”

“Police must be willing to ticket. Banditting is unfair to all. We have many charities involved and let folks know.

They did go on to tell me that banditting is not a huge problem for them anymore. There have been cases years ago at The 30k where runners have been ordered to pay the fine for Theft of Services. Now, it’s not a big problem for them, but the policy remains in place.

This is one example of where a strong policy and willingness to enforce the policy apparently serves as a deterrent to bandits. They communicate the policy, and make it known.

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