Richard Perza – 2016 RNR Arizona – 8th questionable result


It would appear that Richard Perza has once again cut the course in the RNR Arizona Marathon.

Once again he has no splits. This is the 8th marathon that he has missed splits while posting a BQ time. The only photos are at the finish line.

It is worth noting that since the original article, Richard has been DQ’d from 2015 RNR Arizona

The original article is below.


Interesting case here. I was looking at this past weekend’s marathons, and was particularly interested in the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. Looking at the course map, it seems there are multiple opportunities to cut the course. I have no background information on how tough it actually is and how responsive the RD is to issuing DQ’s or checking the splits. However, I decided to start clicking through the results starting with the slowest BQ times, to the fastest.

I came across Richard Perza. He had a B.Q. time and no splits.

I searched prior years and found similar results…2014

He did register a Half Marathon split in 2013

 He doesn’t limit himself to Cleveland…

This is from 2015 Rock ‘ N Roll Arizona. No splits.

He also has similar times for 2013 Arizona and 2012 Cleveland with no splits.

I did find partial splits for a 4:52 marathon – Akron 2013. The only non B.Q. race I could find.

I searched photos for yesterday’s Cleveland Marathon. Only finish line photos appear. They are still processing. I also looked at the 2015 PF Chang’s Rock ‘N Roll Marathon..Only 2 photos that aren’t right at the finish line.

In summary, there are 7 results that need to be questioned. All from Cleveland, Akron and RnR Arizona.

If anyone comes up with anything else of interest, post below or email me at the link on the bottom of the page.


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