Questionable Disney Marathon Results Used for Boston and Age Group Award


While there has been much discussion regarding the Walt Disney World marathon, and those that cut the course, or pick up medals without an official result, there are also some instances where there is a tangible impact to the cheating. Below, I detail two results of the marathon.


Below is the result for the runner that won the Women’s 60-64 division


The top runner (eating the unpeeled banana) is shown in the photo at 11:12 AM. All subsequent photos show the 2nd runner. Neither of these are actually the 64 year old woman that won the age group.

It would appear that these two runners ran this race relay style using the woman’s bib.

I did look up past results for the registered runner. The most recent result was over 6 hours.


from 2016 Disney Marathon – Boston Qualifier
This runner was identified as part of the review of the 2017 WDW Marathon results. Her questionable 2017 splits led to a review of prior Disney results.
Here are her 2017 splits.
Pace per split
  • 5 miles  8:42 per mile
  • 10 miles.  8:49 per mile
  • 13.1 miles 5:57 per mile
  • 20 miles 9:15 per mile
  • 26.2 miles 9:17 per mile
She missed no splits, but the pace between 10 and 13.1 does not seem at all likely. Looking at the map, it seems likely that this runner cut off about 1 mile from approximately mile 10-1/2 to 11-1/2,
If she didn’t cut any other corners, it would seem that she would have been able to run a Boston Qualifying time without cutting at all. However, it is still obvious she cut, and hopefully she will be disqualified to prevent a Boston 2018 entry.
Here are her 2016 results.
Pace per split
  • 5 miles  8:30 per mile
  • 10 miles.  8:53 per mile
  • 13.1 miles 8:24 per mile
  • 20 miles missed split
  • 26.2 miles 9:00 per mile
She has 56 photos on the course, but none in the stadium which is located along the route where she missed the split.. (She did appear in photos taken in the stadium this year)
She used this entry to enter Boston 2017. She had no other qualifying races during the qualifying window.
Additionally, Here are her 2015 results.
Pace per split
  • 5 miles  8:50 per mile
  • 10 miles.  8:38 per mile
  • 13.1 miles 8:49 per mile
  • 20 miles missed split
  • 26.2 miles 9:03 per mile
She has 82 photos on the course, but none in the stadium.
She used this result to run Boston 2016.
Given all the evidence, it is my opinion that she likely cut the course in each of these years. This is based on the missing mats, as well as lack of photos in that area of the course while she has an abundance of photos elsewhere.

She has run respectable Boston times that I cannot see any reason to question.

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  1. Really Awfull how foes someone live with themselves !!! I ran a 3:39 Sunday as was in half and chose Mara option . I'll come up short most likely but ran 3:25 at Boston last year and hope for similar as this was a long run with a weak BQ . Thes people steal spots to the close cal. Runner do.Dave as here he knows the deal on this race .

  2. She is wearing a Team in Training COACH's shirt. Was she actually doing the race or supporting the race as a coach? If she was supporting as a coach- their job is to go to different parts of the course and help participants by coaching, supporting, and walking/running with them briefly at different parts during the race. Team in Training coaches are REQUIRED to wear race bibs to get access to the course. Their coaches can cover multiple parts of the course on the same day. They may be assigned one area (like the earlier miles on the course), and after everyone goes through, take Disney transportation to another area of the race and continue to support and coach people at another mile. It is completely possible that she wasn't an actual race participant and got such crazy times because she was actually working the race as a coach.

  3. I have done this as a coach and you don't get a finishing time since you don't cross the line, and don't have a timing chip. Usually you get a "coach" bib to wear, not an actual race number.

  4. As a coach, you're probably not going to run a BQ time. You might skip parts of the course but you're probably moving from place to place to cheer on your athletes, not to run the race yourself. You would spend a lot of time in one place, then cut course to move to the next spot, but you probably wouldn't BQ with it.

  5. I ran a marathon a few years ago. Fairly small/low-key race which was full of Team in Training runners. It also had a half that started after the marathon. I was going for a BQ, so I started at the front to get away from all the walkers. Never got passed by anyone my age, but when I looked at the results later, a coach from TnT was shown as finishing first, even though she'd missed timing mats. Further research on my part showed she'd never run a marathon in less than 6 hours (most were between 7-8 hours)and photos from the race finish showing her cross with team members running the half but no photos on course. I cross-checked her teammates times with hers and they'd all finished the HALF together! After many email complaints to the RD and timing company, I finally got them to remove her from the marathon results. Good thing, because in addition to finishing first in my age group, I was also awarded top female Masters which was worth $1,000!

  6. If your a coach you don't cross the finish .bad defense . If you cross it you then are saying you ran it. Then to submit t to baa as finish BQ . Cheat and liar . I ran a 10 k one year in Florida showed late no number but ran it as a race anyway . I WON the race outright but at finish veered off to side did not finish . I was not Warded a win as did not deserve it as no number and knew to not cross finish . If you finish and submit the time you are devious and a cheat !!!!

  7. My wife use to be a big time cheat,and i was curious of getting proofs about it for real then i saw recommendations about online and never hesitated to contact him,He asked me for some few information about my wife mobile device no personal info was asked for also,i provided it all to him and in less than 24 hours i was getting too see my wife text messages,call logs and as well as whats app messages as they come into his phone,i was able to get good and solid proof for my Antony to file a divorce,if you are having similar issues i would advice you contact tell him I referred you.

  8. I'm a former TNT coach and coached many marathons. I never crossed the finish and was rarely given a chip where it would matter anyway.
    It greatly saddens me to see someone wearing a "TNT Coach" shirt appear to claim to have run and use the result to BQ.
    May I suggest you reach out to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society head office, show them this link, and provide them with a name. They will reach out to the local chapter and either help investigate what really happened. And if cheating was involved, relieve the coach of their duties. This is NOT the type of press I like to see the TNT organization get in the running community and it is not press the LLS would want to get either.
    The TNT organization has not only raised lots of charitable funds, but has also introduced countless people into running and endurance sports that last well beyond their TNT commitment.

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