Viral Beauty Pageant Winner Loses Ultra Crown After Disqualification


Maude Gorman was competing at The Miss Massachusetts Pageant. During the pageant, there was a comedy skit that included a joke that referenced #MeToo. Maude, a victim’s rights advocate was offended and took a standby giving up her crown. Her reaction went viral and was covered by national media.



While she willingly gave up her beauty pageant crown, it was publicly announced on Wednesday that she would be losing a different kind of crown.

Pineland Farms Trail Challenge

Below is the evidence she submitted to race officials.


The watch only shows the total mileage. No total time, and no date. As mentioned in their statement, she refused to provide the data.

Other Races?

“Further more, we’ve been contacted by other race directors on the subject and found this to be a pattern in her recent races.”



Unlike most road marathons, there is often a lack of data and timing mats at ultras. Maude does not have many results on UltraSignup or Athlinks. Her most recent result from this past weekend jumped out. She claimed 1st place at The East End Trail Race 50k.



I reached out to race officials at East End early Wednesday afternoon, and they notified me that they were still in the process of validating the results.

Late Wednesday evening the East End result was removed from 



It was recently announced that Maude would be representing the USA in the 2018 Skyrunning World Championships

Earlier Wednesday evening, it was reported that she was expelled from the Skyrunning team. This is not confirmed, and the thread where this was posted has been removed. I do not see how she can remain on the team given her recent results.



I reached out to Maude. I offered her a chance to comment publicly. She declined.

I specifically offered her the opportunity to comment in her own words publicly and forwarded her the article I wrote on Linda – Why I cheated and the door is still open for her to comment. I explained to her that I was not harassing her, but giving her the opportunity to comment rather than blindsiding her with an article.

I also referenced an article that was written that called into question her allegations of assault and claimed she faked having cancer as an early teen. She says those allegations are false.

I am referencing those accusations to acknowledge that I am aware of them. They are well beyond the scope of Marathon Investigation. I will not allow any comments specifically relating to these accusations or links to the article that brought up those allegations. Anyone that posts those in the comments to the article or on my social media will be banned from commenting in the future and from being a member of the Marathon Investigation Facebook group.
I expect more information regarding Maude’s racing may come out in the coming days. I will update through social media or additional articles as appropriate.

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  1. It’s disturbing to see allegations of cheating at ultras. Like running marathons, the vast majority of ultra runners are there to test themselves and enjoy the trails; we wouldn’t even have a thought of cutting a course. From the Pineland map, seems there are numerous opportunities. But also looks like a trail I’d love to try.

    It’s seemingly another case of narcissism, aka the “I Love Me” mentality. I appreciate you giving her the opportunity of a dialogue. Looks like she was satisfied with, like some others before her, taking the FU route. Just sad.

    • They reported on the allegations I referenced. That has nothing to do with this story. Instead of rushing a story on her ultras, I reached out to the races, USA Skyrunning and Maude. Speculating on what happened when she was 13 is not appropriate for my site.

  2. I can’t believe she cut the course twice and still placed 2nd. Sounds like another Rosie Ruiz or Danny Almonte situation. I don’t know that if she did come out to answer allegations if she would tell the truth. However, Marion Jones seems to have been forgiven. Lance and Barry it seems will carry their sins forever. I don’t understand the need to cheat.

  3. I almost wish she wasn’t caught till later. I would love to have seen what her plan for the SkyRunning World Championship was. From the comments on FB she was struggling very early on in the Pineland Farms race and in her 24 hr race she only managed 27 miles. I’m guessing that reflects her true running ability.

    • A minimum of a marathon is required to be listed in the results of most 24 hour runs. I doubt she “ran” for the whole 24 hours.

      • No, she probably didn’t…that race is one where it’s on a track and you can leave and come back as long as you come back in the same spot. But even if she left or slept for 10 hours and came back, the pace would be embarrassingly slow, like 30:50. I walk 5Ks with my 80 year old dad and he walks a 20 minute pace, just saying. It basically looks like she just did the race in order to say she did another ultra and that it was a 24 hour race.

  4. Just another faux runner who is not willing to put in the time to compete fairly. A 50 miler is a great accomplishment, glad I did every darn mile of mine.

  5. Yikes – shame on her for cheating much less trying to substantiate her doing so by submitting a ridiculous photo of her Garmin! Runners who put the time and effort into training for those races all know that completing a 50 mile Ultra in 4 hours and 18 mins is a crazy pace – even the winner came in at an amazing 7:31. Her podium photo speaks quite a bit to that…… this young lady is not only making herself look sadly troubled but has robbed two others of their rightful place on a podium where their hard work and true dedication would be rewarded. Hopefully the other races she cheats d in will be able to expose her and she can look forward to being banned from anymore Ultras for the right reason. Leave our sport alone, Maude! Concentrate your efforts in getting the real help you obviously need!

    • 4:18 was the time of day on her watch… not the running time of the 50 miler. She wouldn’t provide that data to the RD as Derek pointed in the article:

      “The watch only shows the total mileage. No TOTAL TIME, and NO DATE. As mentioned in their statement, she refused to provide the data.”

    • No – the 4:18 was the time of day. Her watch only showed the mileage and no running time. Which probably means she just drove how ever many miles she was short with the watch running.

  6. I ran the 50K at Pineland Farms this year, which was the same loop used by the 50 milers, and the course was marked extremely well. There is no way that one could have inadvertently taken a wrong turn and cut the course. Most of the trail junctions where you could have taken a wrong turn had aid stations and were monitored by volunteers. The only way you could have cut the course would be to go off trail and cut through the middle of a field or through the woods. If she missed timing mats, then she didn’t run the whole course.

  7. Her results from the TARC winter 32 miler are also highly suspicious. This is a looped run (4x an 8 mile course) and official splits are provided with the UltraSignup results. She supposedly put down loops of:

    I don’t doubt the last one, but 1:10 is the fastest loop time of the day (even by people who beat her by an hour and 20 minutes) and a 1:16 would also be among the fastest. She apparently finished the 3rd loop within a minute of the 3rd place male, after 3 wildly inconsistent loops, and then had effectively the slowest loop of anyone all day to finish 3rd woman overall.

    Note that this race has a short out-and-back section at the start/end, and allows runners to choose either direction to run the loop in – making it that much easier for people to lose track of where a runner is supposed to be. If no one knows you and no one is around, you could just turn around at any point on the loop and pretend you are running it the other direction. I don’t believe there are intermediate mats out on the course. Cheater’s paradise.

    • This result is the most obvious fake of them all. There is absolutely no way she ran the Fells Skyline loop in 1:10 or 1:16. This is a hilly, technical trail with no relaxed stretches at all. These lap times would never be seen at an ultra. The women’s winner averaged a 1:39, the men’s winner averaged 1:17. She obviously turned around.

  8. So sad to see this! Lots of ultra courses aren’t monitored super well – but with a group of runners with such high integrity, it’s not needed. I RD a few races, and have had folks literally email me to remove themselves from the results for missing a turn (and a short distance of the trail!)!

    Two quick comments on this – one is that I’ve run Pineland Farms many times, and while the course looks complicated on paper, it’s super well marked. Runners can easily cheat and cut the course if they wanted to – but they would have to deliberately want to.

    Second comment – I own the same watch that she shows above, and what’s she’s showing there is the mileage based on her ‘step counter’ for the day. I don’t know about her, but mine tends to grossly overestimate the actual mileage covered – yesterday I completed a 33 mile race (and walked around maybe a mile) and my watch (based on step count) recorded 43.65 miles. The day before I ran 26 miles (and maybe a mile of walking around) and my watch recorded 33.0 miles. Either way, that certainly isn’t proof of distance covered, as it’s not even based on GPS data but rather from a step counter.

    • I was just coming on here to say that. Her mileage is NOT her mileage from the race itself but from the activity tracker, which literally proves nothing in regard to the actual race.

  9. I’m curious why you would blatantly plagiarize Turtleboy Sports and not credit them as your source? I mean, you literally copied their blog like a week after they published it. It’s almost ironic that you’re writing about a cheater while cheating yourself. You can ban me now (Oooooohhhh no. I told myself I wouldn’t cry) this was the first time I’ve seen this website.

    • My article was posted less than 12 hours after her DQ was announced. Unless TB has a time machine, they did not write about her racing a week prior. Nothing from my article was sourced from TB. I contacted all races, and sponsors on my own. TB wrote an article prior about other allegations which I referenced. You all are sure in an uproar that I didn’t send traffic to their blog.

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