Maude Gorman’s History of Cheating Leads To Decisive Action By Races, Sponsors


More details have emerged regarding Maude Gorman’s racing history. It has become clear that her racing accomplishments were a lie. She stood on podiums seemingly oblivious to the fact that she stole from those standing next to her or those that were bumped off entirely. I have been in contact with officials from all of these races. The evidence was clear, and their actions were decisive. If you missed yesterday’s article on Maude, you can read it here:


Pineland Farms Trail Challenge

I received an email on Thursday morning from the race’s timer, John Adams of Racewire. He informed me that they had actually removed her from the race results on May 31st based on her split times.

The course map is shown below. The course consists of a 3.5-mile loop and then on to the 25k course for 3 loops.


“Initially, the split mat we had on course was only meant to help count laps and keep track of how many runners were left on course throughout the long day. After someone contested Maude’s result (I don’t know who) the directors reached out to me and had me actually put it into a timing format.”



I am impressed that both the race director and the timer reacted so quickly in order to maintain the integrity of their results and to be able to conclusively prove cheating in this instance.

What the timing showed, according to John, was that Maude likely ran the first loop legitimately.

At mile 13.8, Maude was 28th out of 52 females. The split mat is in the grove area of the map. By mile 18.1 she had moved up to 19th, and she was 2nd by 29.3 miles.

‘Based on her splits, I believe she did the north section correctly the first time through, then on the next two laps, she turned around at the Yurt Aid station, cutting off ~6K from each loop, or ~12K in total. That would be fairly consistent with the pace she ran in the other sections.”




East End Trail Race


As I posted in the initial article, Maude was removed from the results. She originally was the 1st place finisher.  I applaud the swift and decisive action taken by the race. It is still a shame that Maude stood on the podium, robbing the true finishers of their proper recognition.


F.I.T. Challenge

I reached out to the race, and they have disqualified her from their spring race.

Her lap of 45:54 would have been the fastest lap of the day. Her lap of 47:28 would have been the 3rd fastest of all runners. She originally finished in 1st. They originally knew only that she could not have beaten the 1st place winner and awarded her 2nd place. Upon further review, they disqualified her.

Additionally, I heard from Jason Bui, co-owner of New England Timing. He was the lead timer for F.I.T. and has timed other events in which Maude participated.

“I just went back and officially DQ’ed her from this race, and every other multi-lap race that she has run and that I have timed.”

Other Repercussions

In addition to the disqualifications, Maude was removed from The U.S. Skyrunning Team and has lost her sponsorship with Seven Seas Roasting Co. The reaction was swift from the moment Maude’s cheating became public.

Other race directors, timers, teams, and sponsors should take note. Instead of irrational fears of being sued by a cheater, they need to act decisively once they have the evidence that an athlete has cheated. Their concern should be directed towards the honest competitors that worked hard for their finishes.


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  1. Thank you for your work recognizing her as a terrible, pathological cheater. Maude has attempted to decisive far too many race organizers, and has robbed other women of their rightful wins and placings. It just makes me sick to know that people like her will do everything they can to take advantage of others.

  2. I just do not understand why people do this, but I guess that’s the point. Most of us cannot get into the mind of a pathological liar and cheater. I hate that social media addiction has led to people compromising their integrity for attention. Such as this girl

  3. Loser! I hope everyone that she runs with knows what a phony she is.Disgraceful to the award winners that were cheated out of their awards. I hope people she works with, runs with and socializes with find out what a fraud she is!

  4. That top map is quite confusing to be fair – I could totally believe that she stuffed up what to do at “The Yurt” aid station – EXCEPT she did the right thing the first time around apparently. Of course you should be able to use kilometre markers to know if you’d made a mistake, and I’d hope that “on the ground” the course was a bit more obvious at the aid station.

    • I have ran this course for over 5 years, its very easy to follow and there is never a point of confusion about which way to go. You would only go the wrong way if you knowingly did so. The race directors even state that if you get lost on this course, you probably should stick to road races.

    • It’s been a while since I ran Pineland, but from what I recall it is not difficult to find your way at The Yurt. When I ran, it was more like three separate aid stations around a central crew area. It was all taped off and you went to a different section of the aid station depending on what loop you were on.

      • Cool thanks for the reply – I’m glad that in real life that area is easier to navigate than the map suggests. I can see that have that central area would be pretty cool for spectators and possibly make organising a little easier – as long as it’s easy to navigate, which as you say you could do by roping off the three separate paths. I would have been tempted to take some “artistic license” with the map and not show the paths intersecting, or have a separate detailed view of that area that shows what goes on more clearly.

        Anyways easy to say when I’ve never organised a race 🙂

  5. Drives me crazy how many people have been deceived by Maude Gorman. I hope these stories get as much press as the original ones.

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