Marathon Investigation Podcast #15 – Bre Tiesi-Manziel, Ultra Cheating, Back of The Packers & More


On this episode we talk about a variety of topics with repeat guest Tony Portera.

  • Bre Tiesi-Manziel and an email I received from prison
  • Thoughts on mid and back of the pack cheating
  • Apparent cheating at Tunnel Hill 100 and whether we feel that the person should be ‘outed’
  • More Kelly Agnew type cheating at a recent fixed time event

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  1. I enjoyed this podcast! I know your podcasts are slanted more towards cheating et al but have you considered doing one on organizations or people who are making a difference? Like you did the article on Up and Running Again…have you thought of a podcast interviewing and/or talking to that person about how it started and what the organization has done, some stories of changed lives, etc? You had the podcast with Sabrina (I think it was) and that was similar and I thoroughly enjoyed that one too. Just a thought

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