A New Year’s Message from Marathon Investigation


I hope everyone had a great 2019 (and a great last few days) and wish you all a better 2020.

Without the support of everyone, including those who have contributed to Marathon Investigation, and those that have sent messages of support, Marathon Investigation would not exist.

This year has been exceptionally challenging, but I remain determined to continue forward in the most responsible and ethical way possible. I always strive to improve, and that will continue into 2020 and beyond.

If you would like to support Marathon Investigation and the mission to limit cheating and to maintain accurate results, there are a number two primary methods to do so.

Report Cheating

Ideally, you should always report cheating to to the race directly. You can chose to also report to Marathon Investigation. Sometimes tipsters worry about their anonimity. All tips are kept anonymous, and I am happy to forward tips to race officials if you are hesitant to report suspicions directly.

What is sometimes lost, is that there are many more instances where I work behind the scenes to report results, and they get taken care of. Not every tip results in an article. Whether you report to the race, Marathon Investigation or both, it helps the mission to uphold the integrity of results.


Contribute – your contributions are vital to my work. Without the contributions I would not be able to justify purchasing photos, compensating those that help with data, or paying for (and upgrading) servers, etc.
You can now contribute any amount you like through Paypal by clicking the below link.

Or you can choose an amount below. You do not need to have a Paypal account to contribute.


One-Time Contribution

Looking forward to a better 2020!



  1. Derek,
    Thank you so much for what you do! How sad that you even exist, but thank God that you do! I do not understand why people would do the things that they do to diminish their accomplishments, but so many do. Those of us pushing our limits to attempt to PR/PB, or just to enjoy the ambiance of the race appreciate your efforts and applaud you for your perseverance in what you have to endure.

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