Bib Swapping

Philadelphia Bib Mule Gains Boston Entry for Undeserving Runner

Brandon has never been a fast runner. Like many of us, it seems that his goal was just to finish the distance. He has run quite a few half marathons and marathons over the years. He even...

Why Bib Swapping is Wrong and Dangerous – Follow Up To ‘Bearded Julie’ Feedback

I have written many articles about bib swapping. I wrote one on Friday that got quite a bit of reaction from both sides. Julie gave her bib to William for a local 5k. William placed 2nd in Julie's age...

Runners Boast About Bib Swapping And The Resulting 2nd Place Finish

This past weekend, Julie ran two Personal records, on the same day, at the same time. Julie was registered for The Surf City 5k and Revel Big Bear. However she gave her bib away to William for the 5k. Julie...

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