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I’ve probably driven my coverage of Racepass into the ground. My intent was to get all of the issues and concerns out into the open. I wanted race directors and customers to be aware of the questions regarding this service in order to make an informed decision on whether to partner or sign up for a pass. As a result of criticism and a ruling by the RRCA, racepass is modifying their platform so that runners will have to sign the waiver directly through the race. That may address one concern–but it will be interesting to see how this is implemented and if any races start to partner with Racepass. It would seem that there is little real interest from runners or races to deal with Racepass. It remains to be seen inf racepass can recover from the troublesome launch to gain any traction in the race community. I will keep an eye on any future developments.

Road Runner’s Club of America Issues Statement Regarding Racepass


This story blew up on social media before I ever reported it. It should be clarified that it is unknown how this bib was stolen. We do not know that Patty was the actual thief, but we do know that she ran with the stolen bib, and she has run other races unregistered – with either copied or stolen bibs. I have reached out to Patty but have not received a response. Even before my article was posted she shut sown social media rather than offer an explanation. I am very curious to know how this was pulled off. By most accounts, Disney is very thorough and stringent in requiring ID checks at pickup.

Serial Bib Thief Identified at Disney?

Boston Disqualifications

I just reported on this nothing to update. I will have more reports as I am able to go through the complete updated results and check for variances vs. the original results. Also, going back through my emails, I realized I have a TON of people to respond to and tips to follow up on. My goal is to get caught up on these next week as I continue to review the 2017 Boston results to identify more runners that may have cheated to qualify.


There are a very large number of runners advertising to sell bibs, or looking to obtain bibs. I am keeping an eye on these, and may have an article next week on this. If you have any information regarding bandits – buying/selling for this race, send me an email to

A Worthy Gofundme

Things got heated in regards to the Disney bib thief. I wanted to bring attention to my readers something very positive that came out of the RunDisneyRun Facebook group. A GoFunMe campaign was started by David, the owner of the group to raise money for a racing chair for Jillian, who suffers from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. The $4000 goal was met in less than 1 hour. The campaign has now raised nearly $10,000. Funds beyond Jillian’s actual expenses are going to go to Racing For a Cure – which supports The Arthritis Foundation.

Please consider a small donation to this cause.



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