Marathon Investigation – Weekly Wrap Up 5/12/17


Welcome to the 2nd installment of the Weekly Wrap Up.


New Supporter Announced





I am proud to announce that Sportstats is officially a supporter of For quite some time, we have had a great relationship. On a # of occasions we have conferred on questionable results. Sportstats has always been very responsive to my requests to review runners. They were most helpful with the Planet Tours Bib Mule situation.

Sportstats currently is the timing partner for over 720 events worldwide. I am proud to have them as a supporter!

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NYC Running ‘Crews’



I wrote about two NYC Running crews that openly and apologetically admit to copying bibs for races. I provided examples of members of The NYC Bridge Runners copying bibs for The NYC Marathon. These gems were posted on their Instagram.

Yes, they actually compared what they are doing (Copying bibs to run in races they have not paid for) to what Kathrine Switzer went through at Boston. Katherine actually PAID for her entry.

“New Yorkers shouldn’t have to sell a kidney to run our city.”

You can run the city for free any time. But, putting on a race costs money. They pay to close the streets. They pay for security. They pay for the right to hold the event. You can run anywhere else you want to that day, but you feel so entitled that you take for free what thousands of others paid for. You did not earn that right. If you are so anti-establishment, then put on your own event the same day.

They feel since the race did not run out of Gatorade or Medals, that they are justified in taking the race entry and all the support that goes with it for free. Should I be allowed to just walk into a concert because there are empty seats or go into a restaurant and take food just because they have plenty?




I appeared on the Pace The Nation Podcast. Episode 105- Babies in the Studio (Derek Murphy).

No, I am not the baby. We talk about a variety of issues relating to cheating in races.




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  1. Ugh, as someone who ran Boston this year as a member of Kathrine Switzer’s charity, it makes me so angry to see that BridgeRunners is using her name in conjunction with what they are doing! Her story of entering Boston in 1967 is published in her memoir. Yes, Boston cost $3 at the time, but she paid that $3! The main reason she thinks she was able to effect so much change for women’s running was because she did everything by the book. Take heed, BridgeRunners.

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