Newport Beach “Triathlon” Denied Permits

UPDATE: The Newport Beach Triathlon has been postponed. No decision on refunds 'until appeals process plays out'. Is inexplicably still accepting registrations.             The Newport Beach Triathlon was denied permits by the City of Newport. The race organizer is blaming...

Race Organizer Accused of Selling Newport Beach Triathlon Entries Under “False Pretenses”

The Newport Beach Triathlon is scheduled to take place on October 1, 2017. The race is scheduled to take place at The Newport Marina. The problem, as reported on, is that the race does not have the permits...

Newport Beach Triathlon Cancels Swim Stage After Failure To Secure Venue

In late July, questions came to light regarding the Newport Beach Triathlon, scheduled for October 1st. There was a series of articles posted on as well as the article posted here: RACE ORGANIZER ACCUSED OF SELLING NEWPORT BEACH TRIATHLON ENTRIES UNDER...

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