Age group winner disqualified from Rocky Point Triathlon

Tracee's Facebook page still has has a post about her first ever AG win. Her win took place at The Rocky Point Triathlon in the Sprint race.   Her result shows her completing the bike portion in 22:37.  No other competitor...

Fitness Pro Alyx Ulbrich Disqualified From Decaman USA

  Alyx is the owner of FirePower Fit and FirePower Apparel. Her profile below is from her website Alyx is a Doctor of Naturopathy who's sole focus with her clients is a mind and body connection that heals the individual, while...

Triathlon Cheat Faces Jail Time for Harassment and Fraudulent Impersonation

Update 12/17/19 - As reported by CBC.CA, Amanda Wowk has been sentenced to 1 year in prison. Hillier agreed that Wowk is a low risk to reoffend and does not pose...

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